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Tips for making sure you remain happy and healthy

by Sarah Dunsby
10th Aug 23 2:57 pm

Life can get messy at times and be a bit unpredictable. It’s important that you take the time to step back and reflect on your goals and the kind of life you want to live. There’s a lot that is in your control, especially when it comes to your habits.

It’s wise to take one day at a time and make positive changes slowly over time. This way you can regroup and be proud of yourself for your efforts at the end of the day. If you’re looking for a reset then you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to gather some tips for making sure you remain happy and healthy throughout your days.

Get enough exercise

Exercise is so good for you and there’s no denying all the benefits it has to offer. Commit to getting regular exercise and fit in more daily movement overall so you can feel and look your best. Find physical activities you enjoy doing and put some of your favorite music on to make it more fun for you. You may want to connect with a workout buddy as well so you two can hold each other accountable for staying active.

Keep a clean and tidy home

Another tip for making sure you remain happy and healthy is to keep a clean and tidy home. If you’re a busy person you may want to enlist help from the experts. For example, you can hire someone to clean your carpets or use a professional shower cleaning service to get rid of the dirt and grime that builds up over time. Also, take the time to declutter your belongings and make sure everything has a place to exist that’s out of the way. Keeping your home nice and clean will make it more comfortable and you’ll feel less stressed out living at home.

Moreover, if you don’t have enough space in your home for your unused belongings, consider donating them or finding flexible storage options such as renting a storage unit. It’s not just about aesthetics when it comes to keeping your home clean and tidy, but also significantly impacts ensuring you remain happy and healthy.

Go to bed at a decent hour

It’s very important to get enough sleep and rest, especially if you’re someone who has a hectic schedule. Therefore, make sure you are committed to going to bed at a decent hour each night. Find a relaxing bedtime routine like reading a book or taking a warm bath instead of playing on your electronics. This will help your brain wind down so you can fall asleep quicker and stay asleep during the night. Configure your bedroom for a good night’s sleep as well and invest in the right mattress and bedding to make sure you are cosy.

Avoid comparisons

They say comparisons are the thief of joy and it’s very true. If you’re going to remain happy and healthy then it’s in your best interest to avoid doing this in your life. Stay focused on yourself and your goals and how to become a better version of yourself. Be mindful of how much time you’re spending scrolling through social media and assuming other people have a better life than you. Keep in mind that everyone is going through something and nobody is perfect. You’ll feel much happier when you concentrate on yourself instead of what other people are up to all the time.

Practice gratitude

If you’re going to be happy and healthy then consider practicing more gratitude in your daily life. It’s a great exercise to do when you wake up in the morning and go to bed at night. You may even want to start writing down what you’re thankful for and reviewing the list as often as you need. This way your brain will remain focused on the positives and what you do have instead of worrying about what’s lacking for you. It’s a great way to boost your mental health and confidence as well. You may come to realise you have a lot more going for you than you initially assumed. It can be as simple as being thankful for another beautiful day of warm weather or for having a home-cooked meal to eat.

Visit your doctor

It’s also good to be proactive about your health and happiness. One way to do this is to visit your doctor regularly throughout the year. Make sure you keep up with the recommended appointments and go get an annual physical at the very minimum. Preventative health is one of the best ways to ensure you remain in good health over the years. It’s the perfect time to ask questions and bring up any concerns you have about how you are feeling. The sooner you catch an issue that has to do with your health the better it is for you. You can work on getting treatment quicker and hopefully address the issue head-on to prevent any further complications.

Be more vulnerable

You may have a lot on your mind these days and are feeling a bit overwhelmed. It’s normal to get this way once in a while but you don’t want to stay in this headspace. Therefore, consider opening up to others and being more vulnerable overall. There are support groups out there for just about any topic as well. Otherwise, find a trusted family member or a close friend to talk about your problems with and find ways to problem-solve them. They may be able to relate and can offer up some sound advice for you as well. It can feel uncomfortable to acknowledge how you’re feeling but it is also a great opportunity to heal and will help you sort through all your emotions and thoughts.

Cook meals at home

Eating out all the time can get expensive and isn’t as healthy as cooking for yourself. When you prepare meals at home you have more control over the ingredients and portion sizes. Remain happy and healthy by getting in the kitchen and making foods you like to eat. Head to the grocery store in your free time and do some meal prep on the weekends to make it easier on yourself. If you have busy weeks then consider cooking meals you can freeze and pull out to eat when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

Proactively manage your finances

Your finances and money also impact your overall well-being. It can be quite stressful to be living paycheck to paycheck when you have a lot of debt and bills to pay. Be proactive to manage your finances and try your best to live within your means. Avoid making big purchases on a whim and try to save up cash for them if possible. Create and follow a budget for yourself to ensure you can pay your bills on time and you know how much leftover money you have for fun and entertainment. Budgeting is a great way to see what money you have coming in and going out and will help you stay on track financially. You can always meet with a financial advisor if you would like more assistance in this area of your life.

Spend time outside in nature

Nature is very healing and a wonderful place to spend your time. Boost your happiness and health by getting outside as often as possible. This is a great alternative instead of playing on your phone or watching a lot of television. Instead, find outdoor activities you can participate in and have some fun while you’re at it. It can also be relaxing to work in your garden or sit on the patio soaking up the sunshine. Another idea is to make sure you get outside and go for walks or hikes. You’ll not only feel better mentally but you’ll be getting some exercise in the process and will likely start to shed extra pounds quite easily. Make sure you fully appreciate the experience by taking in all the beautiful sights and smells as you spend more quality time outdoors.

Meditate and reflect

An additional tip for making sure you remain happy and healthy is to spend moments reflecting on your life and goals. Sit back and think through how you are living versus how you want to live instead. There are all different kinds of guided meditations you can do on your phone whenever you please. They cover a wide range of topics depending on what your stressors are or what kind of thoughts you’re having. It can be tricky to do at first so be patient with yourself as you perform more and more meditations over time. You may also want to work in some yoga sessions which can be healing and offer many physical and mental health benefits.


Apply these tips in your life and you’ll be on your way to feeling happier and healthier in no time at all. There’s a lot to unpack here so take your time and start with a few ideas initially. You can work your way to incorporating even more of these tips into your habits and daily life as time goes on. Most importantly, give yourself some grace and be proud of yourself for not only wanting to change your ways but for doing something about it. Remember it’s your life and only you have the power to change it and reshape it.

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