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Are you among the many who notice that their likes on Instagram have been reducing?

by Sarah Dunsby
10th Oct 18 9:23 am

Here are some solutions you can implement

The Instagram of today is very different from the Instagram of before, as many changes have occurred in terms of how it operates. These changes are difficult to keep up with, especially if you have taken some time off the site and are now slowly returning, or you are going into it for the first time ever.

Before, it was easy to keep track of your engagements on the site, such as comments and likes, and these made it easy for many people to grow their accounts. However, the changes that have happened due to the introduction of the Instagram algorithm have made things more challenging than they used to be. And that is not going down well with many people.

One of these frustrating changes is the less number of likes you may notice you are now getting, compared to before. When you have less likes, that means you have less engagement, and it becomes very hard to grow your account. This is because the site will use the number of likes you get to see if your account is valuable enough or not. The more people like your content, the more it will show it to other people (even those that do not follow you).

You may decide to get a service that allows you to buy likes on Instagram fast and secure, but you first need to understand the reasons behind this behaviour by the site. Here are some of them.

The shutting down of bots

The rise of this problem is mainly attributed to the difficulties of growing an account on Instagram, and it is a growing concern. To combat this, Instagram often decides to do a ‘spring cleaning’ and shuts these bots down – but the problem is still persistent.

In case you were not aware of it, Instagram does not permit the use of these automated tools, including post schedulers that are automatic. This is because they go against the policy of the platform. One such case is Instagress, a popular bot app that was shut down by the site recently. This left very many accounts that were using it without the use of automatic likes from this bot.

The same case also applies to comments, and when you see comments such as ‘cool’, ‘nice’, and other generic comments, then consider yourself a victim of the increasing use of bots on social media. You can also thank the platform because it is now getting rid of these annoying bots – because let us be honest, they can be very annoying.

The bad news is your posts will automatically get less likes when these bots are removed. You will eventually need to re-adjust your own engagement levels, because they will reduce.

Your account could probably have a shadow ban

Recently, people on the site had protested against supposed shadow bans. These usually happen without notice, and they can easily happen to you or anyone else you know – even for no reason.

The major sign of shadow bans is when you keep liking content from others, but the likes do not work anymore. If you are putting hashtags on your posts, they also do not work anymore. This means no one can see your posts if they do not follow you, and they cannot like your posts either. That also leads to the next point, which is:

Your hashtags do not work

When your account is under a shadow ban, it means others cannot see your posts – and it may have a lot of reasons regarding your hashtags.

The usual scenario is that you will use hashtags on your photos and videos to make them easier to discover, but when a shadow ban is due to them, then it may be due to the platform blocking them. This blocking can either be indefinite or temporary. These include ‘tgif’, as well as other silly hashtags, so make sure to check if a hashtag is blocked before you use it.

There is also the problem of using an over-used hashtag, which makes it difficult for others to see your posts. Because of this, make sure that you have a mix of hashtags in your posts, and you can help this by using hashtag generators that can save you the trouble.

Having a business profile has its risks

The truth remains that this is a very conflicting topic, and many people have talked about the risks of switching your account to a business profile outweighing the benefits. This is because it automatically signals to the platform that you are a business.

This does not look bad, until you realize that business profiles are the source of income for the platform, as well as Facebook, its parent company. Instagram wants you to pay so that you get benefits for your profile, such as greater engagement levels – after all, why should you get all these perks for free?

When you switch to a business profile, that means you will also need to pay extra to get these benefits. You can make your profile interesting, but it will take quite some time for these changes to show up – and that means a decrease in engagement levels and likes.

Before you decide to change your profile, do not rush into the decision. Take your time to decide, and make sure it is the best choice for you.

The changes to the algorithm

You may have noticed the feed is not chronological anymore, and that means your followers cannot see when you post new content. They need to interact more with it for its content to show up at the top of their feed, and is why the site has become harder to manage. In addition, use hashtags to show your content to more people, even those that do not follow you.

Final thoughts

Instagram has become difficult for newer accounts to succeed, but as long as you are careful in how you frame and caption your posts, as well as interacting with other accounts, the more content you will see.

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