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Anti-Kremlin Legion attack and capture two Russian regions as ‘Putin’s army quickly escapes’

12th Mar 24 3:55 pm

Anti-Kremlin armed volunteers have launched “incursions” in Russian territory and have attacked and captured two locations.

The Freedom of Russia Legion and the “Siberian Battalion” announced on Tuesday that they launched attacks from Ukraine inside the Russian Federation.

The Legion said on Telegram, “We will take our land from the regime centimetre by centimetre.”

Attacks took place in the Belgorod and Kursk regions and the Legion are in active combat against Russian troops.

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The Freedom of Russia Legion (LSR), the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK), along with volunteers from the Siberian Battalion all took part in the operation.

The Legion announced at 13.24, Moscow time, that they had captured the village of Tyotkino which is based in the Kursk region.

They added that the border settlement of Lozovaya Rudka in the Belgorod region is now under the control of the Anti-Kremlin Russian volunteers.

The said in a statement, “Putin’s army quickly escapes from the village, abandoning positions and leaving behind heavy equipment.”

Another group who call themselves the Sibir Battalion wrote on social media, “As promised, we are bringing freedom and justice to our Russian land.”

A representative of the Freedom of Russia Legion told the Kyiv Post that fighting is underway on Russian soil.

“We are here to liberate you from poverty and fear, to rid you of the dictatorship imposed by a terrorist organization that seized power,” read the statement from the Legion.

“The Legion marches toward the ‘elections’.”

Russian volunteers from the “Siberian Battalion” also entered Russian territory.

The Siberian Battalion’s fighters said, “We have always maintained that the criminal dictatorial regime in the Russian Federation cannot be peacefully overthrown.

“It can only be dismantled through armed resistance. Tonight, we begin to fulfill that promise,”

Intense battles are ongoing on Russian soil,” they added.

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