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Alcotraz the notorious prison-themed immersive cocktail experience to open in Covent Garden

by LLB Reporter
20th Sep 19 7:47 am

Alcotraz the notorious prison-themed immersive cocktail experience is set to open two brand new sites in October following phenomenal consumer demand.

The infamous bar behind bars will open a new Cell Block in the heart of London’s West End in Covent Garden as a three month pop-up from Friday 4 October 2019. Alcotraz will then head to the seaside, opening its third Cell Block in Brighton on Thursday 24 October.

The pioneering immersive cocktail experience, created by Inventive Productions, opened in the capital’s Brick Lane in 2017, generating global headlines, creating controversy and thrilling audiences looking for a unique and memorable night out.

The next chapter of the Alcotraz story takes the concept to new heights. Taking place underneath the footsteps of Covent Garden, Alcotraz Penitentiary: Cell Block Six Eight unlocks its doors and reveals a secret basement speakeasy. The stakes couldn’t be higher and covertness is paramount when guests attempt to smuggle liquor past The Warden and into the hands of some of Alcotraz’s longest-serving inmates who will then transform the contraband liquor into delicious cocktails.

The experience begins as soon as a ticket has been purchased. Guests – or more appropriately inmates – are given their own Alcotraz processing number and instructions to bring their liquor and covertly meet the Crooked Guard at the corner of Shaftesbury Avenue and Neal Street. Don’t expect to swap pleasantries with the Crooked Guard, code words and knowing looks are what’s required to commence your journey down to the secret basement Cell Block Six Eight of Alcotraz Penitentiary.

A clandestine game of cat and mouse, inmates attempt to smuggle their liquor into Alcotraz and out of reach of the long arm of the law, encountering a cast of actors as a theatrical storyline plays out in the Penitentiary. With orange prison jumpsuits on, inmates are led to their cells where they will encounter a cast of shady characters and the jails notorious bootlegging gang who are ready to transform illicit liquor into bespoke, delicious contemporary and classic cocktails. Shaking up a storm, inmates will be treated to some of the best cocktails London has to offer, prepared by the best bootleggers in the business.

Alcotraz is also providing ongoing support to Switchback, an award-winning charity that enables young Londoners to find a way out of the justice system and build a stable and rewarding life. The experience will help raise awareness of real-life issues and Switchback’s vitally important work. Alcotraz will donate a percentage of ticket sales from all sites to the charity.

Alcotraz Cell Block Six Eight can accommodate 40 inmates at a time, and will be serving delicious cocktails behind bars using liquor that has been smuggled in past the guards – a knowing nod to the legendary stories that have been brought to life in many prison TV and film concepts.

Sam Shearman, creator of Alcotraz and founder of Inventive Productions said, “Within a short period of time the Alcotraz brand has grown incredibly. We’re absolutely thrilled to be able to bring this concept to an even greater audience with the launch of our new sites in Covent Garden and Brighton, while also helping support a fantastic charity in Switchback.

Our ambition at Inventive Productions is to continue to offer those looking for an alternative and unique drinking experience a night-out that can’t be found anywhere else. These new iterations of Alcotraz take inventiveness to an entirely new level.”

Combining world-class cocktails with a theatrical experience, Alcotraz has created a successful formula, helping fuel an audience demand for experiential nights out which shows no signs of slowing down.

Alcotraz Penitentiary: Cell Block Six Eight is the fourth immersive cocktail experience from Inventive Productions. Other experiences include the Western-themed Moonshine Saloon and the piratical adventures of Pirates of the Hidden Spirit.

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