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29 million mobile users struggling with signal problems at home

by LLB Editor
12th Mar 21 8:47 am

Never mind 5G….more than half of mobile users, some 29 million people, regularly suffer problems with the signal inside their home, reveals new research by Uswitch.com, the comparison and switching service.

According to the survey, over a quarter of people (27%) report having to move to another room because of poor mobile reception, while almost one in five (19%) use a messaging service like WhatsApp or iMessage instead. One in seven (14%) simply leave the house in a bid to get a better signal.

When mobile users asked their provider for help with reception issues, well over a third (37%) were recommended to make calls over their Wi-Fi instead.  But, although nearly two fifths of mobile users (39%) regularly use Wi-Fi Calling, more than a third of consumers (35%) don’t know what it is.

Reception issues are worst in semi-detached houses, with nearly one in three residents (30%) enduring a substandard signal.

Thick walls and some types of insulation can interfere with how well the signal reaches phones. In fact, people who have extended their property are more than twice as likely (63%) to suffer constant problems with their mobile reception as those who have not (31%). Two in five (41%) of those with loft extensions also complained that calls dropped out regularly.

Rural areas suffer the biggest issues with mobile reception, and are almost 50% more likely than residents in suburban regions to face failed calls. More than four in ten residents (40%) living in the countryside complain of dropped calls, which falls to a third (33%) for urban areas and a quarter (27%) for suburban regions.

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