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Zelensky warns a pause in fighting will help ‘Kremlin restore its military potential’

by LLB political Reporter
5th Oct 23 3:31 pm

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said on Thursday that should the global community allow Russia a chance to adapt now, the Kremlin will restore its military potential by 2028.

This will result in Russia being fully sufficient to attack the countries on which it is focused, such as “the Baltics.”

President Zelensky said, speaking at the Second European Political Community Summit in Granada, Spain, on Thursday, “Currently, Russia is considering various scenarios for the next few years. One of them is especially dangerous.

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“If there will be a pause in this aggression against Ukraine – any freezing of the situation, there will be a new critical point.”

He warned that by 2028 this could become such a “critical point” for the global community.

Zelensky said, “If Russia gets a change to adapt now, by 2028 the Kremlin will restore its military potential, which has been destroyed by us, and Russia will have enough power to attack the countries on which Russian expansion is focused.

“Besides Ukraine, these are definitely the Baltic countries and definitely the countries on whose territories there is Russian contingent.

“This is clear information from our intelligence. We are signaling to you about it.”

Zelenskyyadded, “Russian is seeking opportunities to freeze the situation and adapt, drawing conclusions from its mistakes and preparing to move forward.”

“Please, remember that the most dangerous enemy is the one who has drawn conclusions and prepared for the next hit based on these conclusions.

“Moscow has clearly outlined its ambition to seize more imperial areas and not allow Europe to be a territory of free nations and democracies, break the European unity.”

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