Home Business News A Baltic country has warned that Russia are ‘simulating missile strikes against NATO territory as Europe prepares for war

A Baltic country has warned that Russia are ‘simulating missile strikes against NATO territory as Europe prepares for war

22nd Jun 22 3:32 pm

A Baltic country has warned that Russia are “simulating missile strikes against NATO territory,” and Estonia said that in a highly provocative move Russia violated their airspace for the first time in a helicopter.

A senior Estonian civil servant said, “Getting over the border with a helicopter cannot be a mistake – there have been multiple examples in recent days.

“Beside the border actions, there have been provocative actions flying very near the vicinity of the border in the last few days.”

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He added, “It is real life. They are actually simulating missiles attacks against NATO territory and letting us know that they are doing this.”

Finland also announced on Wednesday that they are prepared for an attack and their military forces are motivated and are ready.

Finland have built up a substantial weapons arsenal, General Timo Kivinen said, “The most important line of defence is between one’s ears, as the war in Ukraine proves at the moment.”

The Nordic country have a higher level than any other NATO countries as they spend 2% of their GDP on defence.

Lithuania who are another NATO country have also said that they are “ready” for any “unfriendly” attack from Russia since they banns EU sanctioned goods from passing through their country to Kaliningrad.

Gitanas Nauseda said Lithuania do not expect any military confrontation, he said, “We are ready and we are prepared for unfriendly actions from Russia (in response), such as disconnection from the BRELL (power grid) system, or others.”

Today the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz told NATO allies today that they can rely on Germany for any military support and they are re-equipping their military.

Scholz said in a speech to parliament, “In Europe’s biggest security crisis for decades, Germany – the EU’s biggest economy and most populous country – is taking on a very special responsibility.

“And not just for its own security but also for the security of its allies.”

General Sanders said on his fourth day in charge of the UK armed forces, told every British soldier that they must prepare “to fight in Europe once again” as the conflict in Ukraine continues.

“There is now a burning imperative to forge an Army capable of fighting alongside our allies and defeating Russia in battle.”

General Sir Adrian Bradshaw who is also a former director of Special Forces, warned that the UK must “prepare for war” in Europe as Vladimir Putin is “prepared to take the risk of indulging in open warfare in Europe.”

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