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Zelensky asks NATO could ‘they provide 1% of tanks and aircraft’ with unlimited military assistance ‘as we want to survive’

by LLB political Reporter
24th Mar 22 1:46 pm

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking at the NATO summit, has said that Ukraine needs military assistance without limitations, just as without limits, as Russia has used its entire military arsenal against Ukraine.

He also asked the members of the Alliance if they could provide Ukraine with just 1% of their tanks and aircraft – which could be a dangerous move if Vladimir Putin sees this a NATO intervention.

President Zelensky asked NATO representatives for combat aircraft and tanks, both on a reimbursable and non-reimbursable basis, to prevent deaths among innocent Ukrainians, which would also unblock the cities surrounded by Russian troops.

He told the NATO summit, “But they didn’t give us a single one… This is the worst thing during the war – not to have clear answers to requests for help.

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“Ukraine never wanted this war. And does not want to fight for years.

“We just want to save our people.

“We want to survive, Like any people, we have the right to this. The right to life. The right to this percentage.”

He continued, “I don’t blame NATO. You shouldn’t. It’s not your rockets and bombs that are destroying our cities.

“There were phosphorus bombs today. Both adults and children were killed.

“I just want you to know: the Alliance can still prevent Ukrainians from dying from Russian strikes. By providing give us all the weapons we need.”

He told the summit, “The Ukrainian army has been fighting for a month now in unequal conditions. And for a month now I have been repeating one thing to you.

“To save our people and our cities, Ukraine needs military unlimited assistance. Russia, without limitations, uses its entire arsenal against us.

“It is destroying all life.

“Everything, from residential buildings to churches to food warehouses and universities, from bridges to hospitals.”

He said, over many decades, Russia has accumulated considerable military resources, “Manpower and technology.

“Air bombs and missiles. They invested crazy money in death while the world invested in life.

“Ukraine does not have powerful anti-missile weapons. It has much smaller aviation than Russia.

“Therefore, their advantage in the sky is the use of weapons of mass destruction. And you see the consequences – how many people have been killed, how many peaceful cities have been destroyed.

“Ukraine is still holding out, but the price for this is thousands of human lives, destroyed cities and tens of millions of migrants.”

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