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Wow – first videos of Amazon’s amazing 3D phone, Fire

19th Jun 14 9:01 am

Amazon’s first smartphone, Amazon Fire, has arrived.

And you can buy it right now for $199-$649, although it’s exclusive to US network AT&T for now.

This is a 3D smartphone, meaning the screen has depth that works a bit like a hologram. Amazon are calling the 3D effect “dynamic perspective”.

Check out how that looks with this quick demo from CNET, which shows off the 3D lock screen with some rather fetching hot air balloons, or skip to around minute 41:00 in the Amazon video at the bottom of this story:

Dynamic perspective promises to bring a whole new dimension (literally) to games, apps and other ways of interacting with your phone.

What else has the Fire got to offer?

Amazon is touting its Firefly technology, which manifests itself through the Firefly button on the phone.

Firefly can recognise printed text in the real-world, and it can recognise more than 70 million household items.

It can also identify almost 250,000 movies and TV shows to give you info on plots and actors, and it can identify songs too, Shazam-like.

Obviously, many of these features are geared towards Amazon’s primary objective: getting you to buy stuff.

This pretty comprehensive video from The Verge showcases loads of the features:

And if you haven’t had enough geeking-out for breakfast yet, you can watch Amazon founder Jeff Bezos explain every last thing about Amazon Fire at the launch conference here:

Find out more about the phone on Amazon’s online listing for it.


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