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With Brexit’s ever-looming presence, traders should choose their brokers wisely

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9th Apr 19 3:41 pm

A mass exodus of assets from the UK to the EU is currently underway, as banks prepare for Brexit. Strangely enough, London still remains the biggest forex hub as it trades 37% of the global currency. This accounts for around £1.84 trillion in trading per day. With market volatility at an all-time high and trade relations between the U.S. and China simply getting more complicated, it’s hard to determine the impact of Brexit on other currencies. For local traders, however, this is the time to pick a brokerage that knows how to weather these uncertain economic times.

Asset Backing And Regulatory Requirements

For traders, a great way to mitigate trading risk is by doing sufficient research on their broker of choice. While the market is flooded with forex trades, there are a number of pointers that could help traders choose the right ones. Before signing up with a broker, it’s important to see whether they have a good asset backing. This is normally listed but can also be discovered through reviews. Once it’s clear whether the broker has a solid asset foundation, it’s important to look at their regulatory standing. For brokers in the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is not only the watchdog in the industry but also happens to provide users with helpful information such as spotting scams and choosing the right brokerage.

Leverage That Suits Your Risk Tolerance

For traders, the risk is not only the part of their trading journey that could potentially see their profits soar, but it also helps traders reach that trading buzz when all the conditions are in their favour. According to Connect FX (https://www.connectfx.org/forex-brokers-highest-leverage/) maximum leverage plays a big role in decision-making. Some brokers offer leverage of up to 1000:1, which is great for those who trade in the right conditions. Those who go for leverage this high, however, have to have a high risk tolerance ratio. For really high leverage ratios, traders often need to be vetted and verified. Lower-leverage trades are perfect for those who wish to start out in forex trading and still need to suss out their particular risk tolerance, as well as those who are comfortable within those ranges. Some of UK’s top brokers offer both high and low leverage options.

A Spread That Suits Your Pocket

In forex, one of the first things to look out for when it comes to cost considerations, is the spread. A spread that’s nice and tight means that cost on placing the pip is low. For traders, this can make a substantial difference in the cost of the trade and whether the trader manages to make a profit. Unlike other types of trading, there is no commission in forex trading unless the trades are managed by a broker.

Forex trading has the potential to be one of the most lucrative investment types for traders. It’s also important to do research and keep up with regulations and trends to make the most out of the forex experience.

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