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Will well draught-proofed windows save you money this winter?

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20th Sep 22 10:42 am

Draughts can be a big problem for homeowners in the coming winter when energy prices are soaring.

While sash window draught-proofing is the most common solution to improve windows insulation and reduce condensation issues, it comes at a price, and you may wonder if it ever pays off for itself.

In this article, we explore the recent trend for insulation products and answer a question about the effectiveness of draught-proofing and if it saves you money on heating your home this winter.

Why window insulation is gaining momentum

There are two main reasons for the increasing popularity of all sorts of window insulation DIY products and professional sash window draught-proofing services; energy prices and climate change.

The UK is also far behind other European countries regarding how well UK homes are insulated, it is not just an issue of poorly insulated windows but also walls, roofs, front doors and more.

It is a nationwide issue, and it will take a decade to resolve as well will cost billions of pounds in government funds and public spending.

Why original windows are not efficient in stopping draught?

The original timber windows in most old houses were not designed to be draught-proof and usually have a 3-4mm gap for smooth movement of sashes.

This gap is what draught-proofing excludes are designed to address.

Does draught-proofing make the window more energy efficient?

Draught-proofing does not make the window more energy efficient because the glass is what reduces the heat loss due to its large surface in the window; however, it will make your home feel more comfortable.

It is one of the most effective ways to stop draughts and cold spots in a room and can help to reduce your heating bills.

Depending on the number of windows, draught-proofing can save £50 per year per window on heating and cooling costs.

Is there a cheap way to draught-proof my sash windows?

One way to draught-proof your windows on a budget is to use draft excluder tape. The draught-proofing process with tape is straightforward.

This is a simple and affordable solution that can be applied to the cracks and gaps around your windows to keep the warm air in and the cold air out.

You can buy this tape or sealant at most hardware stores or online, and it is an easy do-it-yourself project that will help you save money on your energy bills this winter.

How is DIY draught-proofing different to professional draught-proofing systems?

The professional draught-proofing system, which includes a brush pile carrier and brush pile carrier fitted into the meeting rails or beads, unlike draft excluder tape, does not restrict the movement of the sashes; it is installed once and for a while. The draft excluder tape you will need to use every year before the winter.

The brush pile can also be removed and replaced after 3-5 years which makes the professional draught-proofing system easy to maintain.

When draft excluder tape is removed, there is a good chance that you will also pill off the layer of paint together with it, which is not the case with a professional seal which are fitted into the frame.

Record hot UK summers make well-insulated relevant not only during winter.

In the UK, we have seen a recent trend for insulation products as the cost of energy prices rises and climate change becomes more of a concern.


Draught-proofing is effective but to get more substantial savings on energy bills, consider reglazing your original windows with double-glazed units or consider secondary glazing.

Window replacement is only an option, but thanks to the vacuum glazing technique, the original windows with single glazing can now be retrofitted and matched with new windows with triple glazing.

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