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Five good reasons why you should install sash windows

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26th Nov 19 12:47 pm

If your new house is being constructed or you are considering to replace your old windows, you want your new windows to be stylish, energy-efficient, yet affordable. You might get surprised at the range of variety available. Window frames are available in all possible shapes and sizes. Therefore, you can have a variety of options to match your windows with the nature and style of your space. Sash windows are growing popular because they offer stylish aesthetic, airflow, and sufficient light. Listed below are some good reasons why you should consider installing sash windows.

1. Energy efficient

Sash windows also come in uPVC material that offers energy efficiency. You can also go for the ones that give the wood grain effect. uPVC has impressive insulating properties that improve the energy efficiency of your home and also offers high functionality. This means the sash windows made of this material keep the heat inside during the winter season and heat outside during the summer days. Therefore, this window style is a great option if you want to shrink your energy bills.

2. Practicality

Despite the classic design of the sash windows, they offer high practicality than any other modern types of windows. You only need to slide the bottom half of the window upward in order to open it. The lock of sash window is reliable and works in a simple way. Anyone can lock the window without having instruction. The design of the sash window is very practical. They offer ease of use in your practical day to day lives. You can slide the panes up or down to adjust the amount of airflow into your house.

3. Safety

Sash windows are safe to use no matter how old they get. They are child-friendly and can have reliable locking systems installed into them. They offer security and safety to your home. Your young child cannot open the locked sash window easily when you are not watching. Install the sash windows with multi-point locking systems for enhancing the security of your home.

4. Easy maintenance

Typical sash windows have two sliding panes. This makes them easy to clean and maintain so you can move the sashes to clean them comfortably. Sash windows made with modern uPVC material are easy to clean and require less maintenance. So, you can keep your windows in shape with the least possible time and effort. They are also repairable and retainable. You can also change their style whenever you want. For instance, you can change the styling, add double glazing, and additional draught-proofing to your sash windows.

5. Affordability

Bespoke sash windows are highly affordable. Sash windows made of uPVC are economical to manufacture and also offer more durability and versatility as compared to those made with timber. Bespoke sash window frames are worth the investment as they will save you money on the energy bills in the long run. Hence, sash windows are economical as compared to other modern windows.

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