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Why is live betting so popular today?

by John Saunders
7th Apr 22 10:44 am

Sports betting has greatly evolved over the years all thanks to modern technological advancements. When sports betting went online, it was a revolutionising feature for which sports fans all over the world rejoiced.

Today we have live betting features also called in-play betting that have changed sports betting as we know it. With the help from expert picks every sports fan can now place wagers when the match has already started and continue to do so throughout the game.

You see, this wasn’t possible a few years ago because in-play odds were becoming more mathematically advanced. Fortunately, modern tech presented a solution to this challenge. But what is it about live betting that makes it so popular today? Let’s have a look.

More flexible than pre-match betting

Not so long ago, bettors could only place wagers before the game began. They would, therefore, have to wait until the end of the match to see if they guessed the outcome correctly or not. Although still popular, bettors are, in fact, slowly losing their interest in pre-match betting.

When live betting was introduced, things became much more flexible and hence more interesting for bettors. The variety of bets and odds in live betting is quite appealing to sports fans all over the world.

For instance, when you bet on football, you can place wagers on a half-time score, the number of yellow or red cards throughout the match, the score and so on and so forth. This additional flexibility and options make live betting much more popular than conventional sports betting.

Watch the game as you go

What people usually don’t know is that you can watch the game you’re betting on live. This creates a whole new experience for bettors. You get to watch what’s going on and strategise in the meantime. People who are really into sports find this feature more to their liking.

When the moment is right, you can place a bet on an outcome you believe is likely to happen. Since live betting is based on statistics, odds and bets may change as the game progresses. This increases the level of excitement as sports betting becomes much more entertaining as time goes by.

People simply enjoy the thrill of the moment, which is why live betting is so popular, to begin with. It simply offers so much more than conventional betting in terms of enjoyment and entertainment.

Instant gratification

Watching the action unfold brings a new dimension to the event itself. Sports fans get instant gratification from live betting as deposits and payouts are happening while the game is ongoing. Payouts are usually higher than conventional betting, which is another reason sports fans are drawn to live betting.

But that’s not the point. As a matter of fact, both research and gut feelings can play a pivotal role in live betting. As you may already know, no one knows for certain what will happen during the match. Trying to guess what may happen is a whole new level of excitement on its own.

Live betting is, therefore, much more engaging to sports fans. Since everything is happening fast and more importantly in real-time, bettors feel more immersed into the event itself. If you bring friends along, it can turn into a fun and competitive way to watch your favorite team or sports game.

Closing words

Live betting is a relatively new feature in the iGaming industry. That said, not every online bookmaker has this option available for their customers. That’s why bookmakers that have live betting are gaining a competitive edge over the others. Sports fans simply enjoy live betting more mostly because of the benefits and additional convenience it provides them with.

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