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Why financial literacy should be included in a college programme

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7th Sep 22 12:52 pm

Financial literacy is a key skill that can help people achieve greater confidence and a sense of control over their finances. It can also help them avoid debt and make sound investment decisions. By understanding the importance of financial literacy, consumers can set financial goals and work towards them. For example, financial literacy can help consumers create an emergency fund and prioritise important purchases. This knowledge helps them handle the ups and downs of their financial lives. However, the benefits of financial literacy do not end there.

Many adults spend years after retirement realising the importance of finances, but there is no chance of a return. Financial literacy can help people save for retirement or pay off their mortgage. Most people spend a large portion of their income on a mortgage and paying it off early can make them financially free. Financial literacy also helps individuals protect their credit scores from damage caused by excessive spending and poor financial planning. It can also protect them from fraud and cyber-risks.

Hence, it is crucial that financial literacy must be included in college programs to educate students well in time. Starting small is necessary. One must be in the habit of saving, even if it is a few dollars at the beginning.

Learning finances

The first step to financial literacy is understanding its dynamics and its implications. One cannot get to saving, investing, or even spending if they do not have the knowledge. At college, students must be taught financial literacy to first educate and enable them to make the right decisions.

Students in college always are on the lookout to spend their pocket money without thinking of finances. It is important to teach the habit of saving even from their pocket money. Look for a teacher for grading college papers that you prepare on various financing aspects. The best way to teach financial learning to a student is to assign them tasks. These tasks include writing a research paper on financial subjects or assigning essays explaining their understanding of financial literacy. Writing site edubirdie.com is a great online platform that offers students the opportunity to order essays when needed and get professional service and advice. Students can make good use of the service to learn about the finance basics. Financial literacy and its subsequent good performance help carve a better future with financial security.

Teaches budgeting

The simplest yet most significant learning of finances is budgeting. Students that learn it at an early age make more savings. For example, a student who learns finances in college will also have some real-time application knowledge. They can start by budgeting their monthly income into groups.

One can be a savings part, one investment, and the rest can be used for spending. Since students are not taught finances, they only end up knowing how to spend the money they have. It is rather crucial to have a budget for any income in place. If you do not do so, you will end up in debt or broke even before the month ends.

Teacher comments for students writing in finances are rather important. A good guide in college years will set apart the standard, making students fall in love with financing.

Survival to thriving

One who does not understand the right use of finances will always end up in a survival mode. Many people have earned fairly well but end up with no financial security. The simple answer to it is the lack of knowledge. You have to switch from survival mode if you want to make a good life.

If you learn finances early on, you will be more effective in making life better. It does not matter the money you earn. It matters how you use the money. You can earn big bucks and still have zero investments that can back you up in the future.

Makes one wise

Financial literacy also contributes a great deal to become smart in many senses. A smart spender will know how much to spend and the right time to spend. We live in a world with many offerings, and it is very likely to fall prey to them. College students who have learned finance and budgeting well and looked out for good grades make better use of their money.

We will all earn money and do something out of it. The first rule that financing teaches you is to save and invest before spending. If you spend first and think about savings later, you will never be left with any money to save.

Future planning

We all plan our futures, think, and dream about how we will lead a life once we start earning. Cut to the time, and many fall into the trap of loans and credit cards. These restrict your money movement. For example, a student recently started working part-time. He then uses up all his money on luxury things or eating out. He will always struggle to secure his future.

On the other hand, if he saves/invests even a small fraction of the income, he will have secure backing. Any situation that comes up to him, he may have the financial backing to take care of it individually.


There are many upsides to financial knowledge. You can make decisions on your own and know that they would turn fruitful. You can start by taking help from teachers and parents on financial literacy. Read insightful books and blogs on the internet that provide all information you need on the right financing. Search for essays and samples that have key financial information.

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