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When do the clocks go back this year? Take a look

28th Oct 16 11:07 am

Clocks go back which means an extra hour of sleep!

On Sunday 30 October in the UK the clocks will go back at 2am reverting back to Greenwich Mean time (GMT) by going back an hour.

With the clocks going back the mornings will be lighter so it will be a little bit easier getting up but the afternoons will quickly get darker.

Just be sure to notify your friends and family… There’s always someone who forgets.

Why do we set the clocks back? In the 1900s the idea came about after a man named William Willet wrote ‘The Waste of Daylight’ in a small leaflet. He wanted people to not waste valuable hours of light so suggested the change with the clocks.

For years, he campaigned for the change but parliament only decided to go ahead with the idea a year after he died.

The UK first moved the clocks forward in 1916 after they saw Germany do the same a month earlier.

World War 1 was well underway during this time and many argued that the new plan would help reduce overall coal consumption which was needed during this time when resources were harder to come by.

October 1 1916 saw the very first change in the clocks going back and since that day we have continued doing the same.

October 30 is considered as the time when humans go into hibernation, we stock up on warmer clothing. Thirty one per cent of us buy wooly socks, 21 per cent slippers and 29 per cent of us jumpers.

Thirty three per cent of us get ready to stock up on food and 12 per cent buy wine and beer for the winter months ahead.

The survey was done by home furnish retailer Dunelm and showed almost 2,000 Brits only go out socially once a week during the colder months.

So, when do the clocks go forward again? Sunday March 27 at 1am will be the start of next year’s British Summer time.

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