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What can online gambling empires teach us about branding?

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6th May 20 2:56 pm

Branding refers to the way your customers perceive your products and content. It is the image you create for your firm in the eyes of your consumer. Many business, including online casinos, make it their priority to promote their products and improve the perception of their companies through advertising and having distinctive designs. This is done to give them an edge in highly competitive markets. Drawing in customers over and over to online gambling is not easy. As a result marketers in online casinos have had to adapt and specialize their brands to ensure long term customer relationships. These long term relationships are the basis of their business as long term customers bring more customers and lifetime value. Learning from these online casinos can help you build the best brand as they have directed a lot of resources into branding and it is paying off.

How is branding done in online casinos?

On keen observation, one notices that online casinos are able to maintain the most loyal customer bases. In this industry marketing is done by appealing to the customers emotions. These marketers strive to know and understand their target audience by performing a thorough need and preference analysis on them. The information from this analysis is used to give a product or service that appeals to their emotions and earn customer loyalty. They also use freebies and gifts to attract customers to their casinos and use them to prompt participation and maintain their client base. Casinos use demographics to tailor their products and services of their customers as different people groups have different behaviour, needs, tastes and preferences. Some casinos have gone to the extent of establishing deep ties with their communities by contributing to their events and charities.

Marketing strategies you can borrow from online gambling brands

Content marketing is considered one of the best marketing strategies. You have to sell your content and make it appealing to consumers. Online casinos do this by developing immersive and unique content to capture the interest of their target audience. Beginners are usually given eye-catching gameplay strategies and techniques to read, to help ease their venture into the gambling world. This content is designed to influence their emotions by alleviating their doubts and building enthusiasm for gambling. They stay up to date with the latest game releases and avail this information to clients to keep fuelling their interests by giving them content they prefer and love. Online casinos go on to design very attractive and user friendly websites with relevant content centred on their clients’ needs and preferences.

Through partnering up you can strengthen your brand even with your competitors. Most online casinos trade use of and access to their content for posting backlinks on their websites in search of customer traffic. Pleased customers eventually become their brand ambassadors and keep sharing their content slowly increasing website traffic.

Online gambling brands offer lucrative and attractive bonuses and free plays like Crickeyslots.com. They offer welcome bonuses, referral bonuses and participation rewards that encourage people to sign up and play consistently. Free spins are attractive as they are believed to give players higher chances at a win. Free plays for beginners give them a chance to learn the game and try their luck with free money before actual gambling. In some cases, this free plays can mature into real wagers for player use. This is very attractive to new users.

Online casino tournaments are organized to give gamblers a chance to compete with each other in a wide variety of games for very large prizes. The most popular here are poker tournaments that attract professional players. Online slots games, blackjack, Bingo and Roulette tournaments are also available. Entry is usually very easy and everyone is given an equal chance at the prize money making it very appealing.

With the vast reach of social media, it has become one of the most effective marketing tools. Websites are designed to provide multiplayer tools, chat rooms and other non-gaming tools. Casinos post promotional content through social media and players are also able to socialize and share their gaming prowess and skill. Search engine optimization is also greatly used to increase traffic to their websites. Reviews, blogs and articles are a good way to popularize your brand. A good example on casino brand popularization is this playojo review at Gambla. This review gives interested parties a clear picture of what the PlayoOJO brand offers its customers.

Mobile support and applications has made access to online casinos simple and easy. It brings the entire experience of online gambling to the hands of the players wherever they are and a whenever they need access. They also give the players more time to monitor their wagers and keep playing making it a very useful marketing tool. With a little modification the above strategies can apply to any industry and are very efficient and productive strategies to help build a competitive and performing brand.

What makes an online gambling brand succeed?

For a brand to succeed, it must be relevant and have a significance within the industry. In the online gambling industry, winnings and benefits are what gives relevance to the players. They offer comps, free plays and discounts to give players that winning feeling and a sense of belonging. To stay relevant with customers you have to accurately meet their needs. Gamblers are always seeking higher chances to win, good gaming offers, interactive games with good feedback and a comfortable environment.

To succeed as a brand you have to be unique from your competitors. This uniqueness comes as a result of innovation and pushing competitive barriers. Innovation is necessary as over time achieving uniqueness in an industry becomes difficult. Online casinos achieve high level of innovation and uniqueness by carrying out frequent self-evaluations. As markets expand and competition increases curving your own niche in that industry could help your brand maintain its relevance.

In order to succeed your brand has to be truthful. Any slight mislead in your brand information could seed doubt and scare people from your brand. Casinos strive to give accurate information and true content to avoid scamming and trouble with their customers. Once a casino is flagged as a scam, business is lost and it is very hard to rebuild the brand.

The goal of every business is to build a long term and productive relationship with their clients. This relationships are built on trust and loyalty from both sides. Casinos earn their customers trust by giving excellent and repeatable experiences. No matter how good your product is, if the customers don’t trust your brand they will steer clear of your products. Trust breeds customer loyalty and keeps them coming back for more.


The biggest takeaways from online casino branding is that to have an amazing brand you have to create a brand plan. Letting a rand create itself could work against your business. Then you have to commit to the created plan and put in work to see it succeed. Since casino branding is all about giving your customers an excellent experience it is necessary to make your brand unique and memorable. A good and competitive brand is bound to bring your business success.

Please play responsibly. For more information and advice visit www.begambleaware.org

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