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Video: Occupy LSX – will eviction end the protests?

by LLB Editor
2nd Nov 11 7:19 am

As warnings of eviction filtered through the Occupy London Stock Exchange base camp today, we asked protesters whether removing their tents will mean the end of protests?

Encamped outside St Paul’s, the protestors didn’t seem perturbed by the warnings. They unanimously said that the “empty threats” from the authorities wouldn’t affect their aims and that they would “live to fight another day.”

Robin Smith, representative of political think tank Real Reform told LondonlovesBusiness.com, “They’ve been threatening us for the last two weeks but nothing’s happened. Nobody knows who owns this land – the church and the City of London Corporation don’t own it. What legal grounds will they evict us on?”

Vale, another Occupy London Stock Exchange protester said, “The tents aren’t what the protest is about. Remove them and you’ll see us camped elsewhere.”

David Taylor, director of APA Consultancy, came to see how the protest has unfolded. He thinks that the protesters are “standing up for squeezed middle class” and should be applauded for their efforts.

Adam, another Londoner who works for a bank, thinks that the “aims of the protesters are unclear”, as there are banners such as ‘Don’t bomb Kurdish villages’’ doing the rounds.

Should the protesters head home or should they carry on protesting? Leave your comments below.

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