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Canary Wharf legally bans Occupy London protestors

by LLB Editor
3rd Nov 11 3:17 pm

Latest news on Occupy LSX

Canary Wharf Group has obtained a High Court injunction to prevent Occupy LSX protesters spreading their demonstration to the east London business district.

Protesters will not be allowed to remain on the site without permission from the Canary Wharf Group under the terms of the injunction. Major banks such as Barclays and HSBC are headquartered at Canary Wharf and the company said the injunction would remain in place indefinitely to protect the estate.

Concerns were raised that protesters may look to “come and occupy Canary Wharf with an establishment of tents”, a company spokesman said, fearing the demonstration may expand from outside St Paul’s Cathedral to other sites. He said: “There were suggestions that Canary Wharf was going to be the next site.”

The spokesman said the court order is “not about stifling debate, it’s about minimising disruption”. He continued: “It basically stops people entering or remaining without the consent of the Canary Wharf Group on the Canary Wharf estate in connection with protest action.”

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, a spokesman for Occupy LSX said: “This is an interesting proactive move by Canary Wharf Group. The camps at St Paul’s and Finsbury Square are already full and we are looking to occupy other spaces in London with Canary Wharf one of the main areas. But we won’t be deterred – there are many more spaces in London.”

A statement from Occupy LSX pointed out that it had conducted itself with dignity throughout the protest and its representatives had twice visited Canary Wharf to take part in debates. It said: “Like their counterparts on Paternoster Square, the owners of Canary Wharf appear to be deeply afraid of legitimate debate: it is worth asking why this is so.”

Meanwhile, the City of London Corporation has offered to suspend its legal action against the demonstrators outside St Paul’s Cathedral until the the new year, according to the campaign group.

Occupy LSX protesters could remain outside the cathedral for the next two months after the group said corporation representatives agreed to halt their legal bid providing the number of tents are reduced. Representatives from the City’s governing body met with protesters on Tuesday and the agreement was made, the demonstrators said.

The corporation’s chairman Stuart Fraser said it was vital the highway was kept clear. Fraser said: “We have pressed the pause button so that discussions can take place with protesters and others on how we can resolve the problem we face as a local authority – namely camping on the public highway.”

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