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Video conferencing in recruitment

by John Saunders
7th Jan 20 1:12 pm

How many times have you spoken to a potential candidate over the phone only to realise in person you only got half the story? ​Hiring new employees ​​is a lengthy process and your time is precious. There are a multitude of communication tools out there to help you find the right candidate for your business – why not make video conferencing one of them?

Boost your HR processes with collaboration and recording

With video conferencing software for business, HR managers can easily record online interviews, save them on their PCs or store in the cloud. This way hiring teams can always review meeting recording when needed or share videos with superiors or managers for their consideration.

Additionally, online recruitment or training processes will allow your employees, job candidates and managers to make slides, share their screens or exchange files from their PCs or mobile devices in a matter of seconds. Not only does this allow you to speed up hiring or educational processes, but the entire interview or training will become more interactive and illustrative when participants have an ability to support their verbal presentation with some digital materials. ”

It’s extremely rare that someone doesn’t use the internet, whether it be at work or at home. With today’s workplace environments being so varied, and more and more employees working remotely, communication and collaboration software is being introduced to most departments in a business – including Human Resources. By taking advantage of the huge benefits of video conferencing​, employers of all sizes and locations are able to recruit top-notch employees, on-board them and retain them for the long term. Video conferencing for recruiters can be used in all three stages of the hiring process: pre-screening, interviewing and onboarding. ​Video conferencing can save businesses money​ and give recruiters and potential employees a similar experience to an in-person interview.

Connect with potential employees from anywhere in the World

Pre-screening applicants by video conference is hugely beneficial to both parties. For prospective candidates​ who aren’t local, a video interview can be a huge help and a great indication of whether you are a company who cares about their team. Hiring managers who meet with a prospect via video link have the opportunity of a real-time live interaction where they can read a candidate’s body language and demeanour – and vice-versa for a potential candidate. Being able to act well on camera is also a skill in itself, by utilising video conferencing technology you can find out how your potential future employer reacts to modern technology and its benefits.

By offering an interview over video-link, you are also opening your doors to future employees who are further afield. This not only saves you money in reimbursing travelling costs – if that is what you offer – you are also saving your candidate a lot of money in travel costs. This could be an attractive attribute that potential employees admire about you and your business.

Engage with new employees

For employees that are remote or perhaps freelance, video remains an important tool even once the new employee’s contract has been signed. To introduce your new employee to the rest of the team a video meeting can make it possible for even the most remote employees to feel included in the team. Create warm welcomes, conduct an office tour – all these things can be done via video. Just by putting a face to a name in the office can often help when the new employee is wondering who to contact about a certain issue they are facing from afar.

By utilising video conferencing and video meetings, you are able to evaluate job candidates and help remote workers feel connected to your team from the very first day of their new job.

Enhance your company’s brand and reputation

There’s probably been a time that your company required multiple people to meet one single candidate, which is not only a pain for yourself but also your potential candidate. They risk being asked the same questions multiple times and also makes your ​hiring process long and boring. Video interviews eliminates this requirement as the interview can berecorded and then send to as many people as needed in the team to help make the final decisions.

Having a long hiring process can put good candidates off working for your company, so by making the process quicker and easier can be a great thing for your reputation as employers. Candidates usually already have a preconceived notion about you and your organisation, so by making their lives as easy as possible, whilst also making sure you select the right person the job, you are a creating a great reputation for your company.

There are huge benefits for not only employers but also future employees when using video conferencing technology. Making the hiring times as quick as possible will not only benefit you by making sure you’re getting the right team member as fast as possible but will also mean potential candidates won’t lose interest and will be impressed by the quick and swift hiring process. Video interviews, meetings and conferences have great reputations inbusinesses worldwide – ​make yours one of them today​.

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