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Vape juice master- How to choose best vape juices?

15th May 18 2:42 pm

How to choose

People today have switched to e-cigarettes because of it is safe, has no effect on health, etc. If you are also e-cigarette lover and want to buy e liquids but are not sure which one to buy then here is the full guide to e liquids or vape juices! Vape juices are the soul of the vaporizer and once you are out of it, the vaporizer become useless.  To buy the vape juice or e liquids you can go to the vape juice master site. There you will get the best vape juices.

How to choose best vape juices?

Flavor list- considering flavor list to buy the vape juice is necessary. Another variable like PG and VG, nicotine strength or vapor production may be perfect in vape juice but if the flavor is not pleasing then it will be wasted. You must go for the different flavors like the cocktail, food, fruity, tobacco blends, etc. mostly new users buy tobacco blends because its flavor resembles that of cigarette.

However, some users like food and fruit blends. Food flavors mostly include pizza, cake, water and fruit flavor include mango, grape, and watermelon. Some flavors include all the three flavor i.e. tobacco, fruit, food and creating an exotic flavor. If you are going to buy the vape juices try buying the one which you think will please you.

Nicotine levels- after flavor come to the nicotine strength.  Vape juice available with various nicotine levels from low to high. Low levels contain 6 mg or below and light smokers usually prefer this strength.  The medium level has 9-16 mg nicotine and is good for average smokers and high level has 18-36 mg nicotine and mostly preferred by the heavy smokers.

Getting appropriate nicotine strength in your vape juice is important. Having little nicotine content is good while high content can cause a headache. So, start with little or medium nicotine levels.

PG and VG- the main base of vape juice is the propylene glycol or vegetable glycerol or else it can be a combination of both. More flavors are offered by the PG but it makes weak vapor while VG is highly viscous and got a little sweet taste and produces good vapor. 

There is the difference in vape quality of PG and VG vape juices but the manufacturer produce both the type and mixture of it to satisfy the customers need. Some people are allergic to PG they must thus, avoid it and take VG instead.

Considering the above-given points you will be able to buy the best vape juice from the vape juice master. Consider choosing the flavor you like, the nicotine strength which doesn’t cause harm and the PG or VG containing base according to your needs. If you are beginner then start with some common flavors later on you can go on to other flavors which will be more pleasing and satisfying. Buy from the Vape Juice Master only because here you get the top quality and branded vape products which will satisfy you.

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