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UPDATED: The best smart phones for business in 2017

9th May 17 9:59 am

Here’s what you need to know

In the world of Business, everything can change at a moment’s notice. You need reliable connectivity, an easy to use interface and a strong setup of business applications allowing you to take your office with you, wherever you go.

Heading into the summer of 2017, what are the best business phones on the market? What are the best upcoming business phones on the market? We take a look.

iPhone 7

When deciding on which phone to choose for business, thoughts immediately turn to the iPhone, with the iPhone 7 the latest model to hit the shops.

The build quality of Apple’s phones is always second to none and the fact that the latest offering is now water resistant is even more appealing.

The 7 and 7 Plus have a slightly longer battery life, improved camera and a brighter and more colourful screen; but where they really shine is through the seamless connectivity with other Mac devices.

That means those spreadsheets you have been working on all day in the office can be synced to your iPhone or even iPad for around the clock access.

Certainly, a must have for the busy entrepreneur.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The freshly released Samsung Galaxy S8 available at Mobile Phones Direct is a fantastic alternative, if you prefer your androids to your apples.

From the curved rear that fits nicely into your palm to the larger screen, it is easy on the eye and feels like one complete piece, with the glass, screen and metal all combining beautifully.

While it is thin and light, the S8 feels durable and is water and dust resistant, while Samsung has decided to go in the opposite direction from the iPhone and keep the headphone jack.

In terms of usability, it’s right up there with the iPhone and has an impressive array of work applications available to match, such as Office 365 and Google Docs.

You can explore purpose built enterprise applications too, should you required tailored solutions for your business.

BlackBerry PRIV

The BlackBerry PRIV has been hailed as the company’s best phone in years and it is hard to disagree.

The BlackBerry 10 originally suffered from a lack of top-flight applications, but a switch to Android has sorted out that problem.

It has received an update to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, which brought with it a number of further improvements and it is on track to be an all-time classic.

Blackberries do tend to divide opinion, but with a slide out keyboard and weighing more than the other phones on this list, if you hate your flimsy touchscreens this could be the smartphone for you.

OnePlus 5

Expected to release this summer, the OnePlus 5 is on the cards to be a huge hit.

With its predecessor, the OnePlus 3, extremely popular due to its great design and incredibly affordable price, the new generation model is promising a boat load of new specs and features; such as 6GB of RAM to improve multi-tasking, 128GB of internal storage for all those photos and videos you need and a huge battery capacity of 3,600mAh.

You may be wondering at this point why it is called the ‘5’ and not the ‘4’, and this is due to the fact that in Chinese culture the number 4 is associated with bad luck and death.

Like the other phones on this list, the phone will be capable of running popular business android applications and will have the option for custom solutions, should you require them.

A fantastic phone expected to release for a very reasonable price.

Microsoft Lumia 950

Last but by no means least, The Microsoft Lumia 950 is the latest offering using Windows but, at first glance, you might not notice too many changes from previous editions.

That being said, the 950 and 950 XL pack a punch of killer features, like being able to turn your monitor into a mini -PC courtesy of the windows continuum dock, super strong security and encryption so your private data is secure and a 4k UHD camera to take stunning photos.

Microsoft have really done themselves proud with their latest offering.

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