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Ukrainian forces are ‘are fighting terrorists’ who are ‘one of the largest armies in the world’

7th Feb 24 10:27 am

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky does not regard the current war situation is a “stalemate” on the frontlines.

President Zelensky said in an interview with the Italian RAI TV channel that the result of Ukrainian forces during the summer of 2023 was positive.

He said that Ukraine are fighting “one of the largest armies in the world” and that they are also fighting Russian terrorists.

The presidential spokesman Serhiy Nykyforov said, “It was not about the alleged ‘stalemate’ situation at the front.

“Speaking about the results of the summer actions, Zelensky said that their maritime part gave a positive result: Ukraine was able to restore an independent ‘grain corridor,’ but the land part of the transactions ended in stagnation.

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“We are talking specifically about counter-offensive actions in the south. This does not give the right to generally describe the situation at the front as a ‘stalemate’.”

He added, “Ukraine will continue to de-occupy its territories. In the future, we urge you to choose your words more carefully so as not to support destructive narratives.”

Nykyforov quoted President Zelensky, “Thereafter, I give the original response of the President of Ukraine: “I would say this: the naval part of the operation had a positive effect – we displaced their ships, Russia lost many ships, and most importantly, it lost influence in the World Cup, and we built a ‘grain corridor’ independent of Russia.

“Therefore, this part, the pragmatic part of the operation, which affected the economy and the budget of Ukraine, was positively conducted.

“As for the land line, you are right and there is stagnation. And this is a fact, because something was missing. Sometimes you think that we are about to go ahead.

“I believe there have been delays in terms of the amount of appropriate ammunition. And delays are a miscalculation.

“But, to be honest, we are not just fighting a terrorist organization – we are fighting terrorists, who are one of the largest armies in the world.”

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