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Ukraine has seen in over ‘72 hours the collapse of the Russian armed forces’ and ‘Kherson is a platform’ to retake Crimea

by LLB Politics Reporter
11th Sep 22 3:53 pm

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have “collapsed Russian armed forces” in over “72 hours” after they deployed “brilliant combined arms manoeuvre” in a clever counterattack along the Kharkiv front line.

A military expert said that Kyiv is once again in control of two strategically major cities, Kupiansk and Izyum.

The capture of these two major cities will now have a serious impact on Vladimir Putin’s army to continue with the offensive in the Donbas.

Kremlin officials claimed that Russian troops were being “regrouped” so they can step up efforts in Donetsk.

Dr Mike Martin, a military expert, has predicted the collapse of Putin’s army in the very near future.

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Dr Martin said, “The Russians fled Izyum in what can only be described as a rout.

“The Ukrainians have just fought a brilliant piece of combined arms manoeuvre.

“The Russian armed forces have been demonstrated, again, to be utterly terrible.”

The King’s College London Professor added, “This is very significant – the Russians will not be able to conduct offensive operations in the Donbas anymore until (if ever?) they reconfigure their logistics.”

The captured Kherson Oblast region will now provide Ukrainian forces a platform to launch an attack on Crimea to liberate the peninsula from Russian control, however this will take time, not weeks but possibly many months.

Dr Martin continued, “But as ever – this is all about Kherson.

“Watch over there too today – because Crimea is the Russian strategic centre of gravity and the Kherson pocket will need to collapse to make that happen.

“But after what we’ve seen over the last 72 hours the collapse of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine doesn’t seem a long way away.”

War Informant, who is one of the most active and prominent of the Russian bloggers, accused Putin of “betraying” his armed forces.

War Informant wrote, “Colleagues, in fact, the current deathly silence of the Ministry of Defence about the real situation and the reasons for certain decisions is far from the first.

“All this looks like a conscious progressive self-isolation from reality, as though if you keep silent about the situation from the high stands, then the population will not know anything.

“But the population knew everything long before the next briefing began.

“To talk about the next destroyed ‘nationalists’ and their warehouses, but not to say a word about the realities of what is happening in the Kharkiv direction, means to betray those who fought there and are still fighting.”

The Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky belittled Putin and the Russian Army, he said, “These days, the Russian army is showing its best – showing its back.

“And, in the end, it is a good choice for them to run away.

“There is and will be no place for the occupiers in Ukraine.”

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