Home Business News A furious Putin orders officials to ‘shut the f***er up’ after a mutinous General tells him to ‘f**** off’ as the ‘army is crumbling’

A furious Putin orders officials to ‘shut the f***er up’ after a mutinous General tells him to ‘f**** off’ as the ‘army is crumbling’

by LLB Politics Reporter
11th Sep 22 1:34 pm

Vladimir Putin is facing mutiny by senior military commanders and is told to “f****off” by one of his Generals as the “Russian Army is crumbling.”

On the northeastern front the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) have recaptured dozens of villages and major cities in the Kharkiv Oblast region.

The UAF have now retaken the strategic cities of Izyum and Kupiansk and more than 30 villages and Russian Generals are now turning on Putin.

Russia’s military high command and Kremlin officials are now rebelling against the Russian leader and many want him gone.

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Domestic discontent has been brewing across Russia for many months over the war in Ukraine and Putin has been accused of sending the “country back into the Cold War era.”

The Telegram channel, General SVR, reported that one of Putins generals had literally had enough and told the Russian president where he could go.

General SVR said, “The most significant event of the meeting was a report to the President via video link from one of the Generals, who is located much closer to the front line than the other speakers.

“Already at the start of the General’s report, Putin began to have doubts as to whether he was sober.

“The President asked him directly whether he had been drinking spirits, to which the General reacted somewhat boldly.

“Moreover, Putin tried to put the General in his place with a blunt threat.

“The General wouldn’t back down and told Putin to go you know where!”

He added, “Putin stopped the video link and ordered his officials to ‘shut the f***er up.’

“After the incident the President’s mood worsened even more and he postponed the meting until Thursday.”

This comes as the Russian Army have fled in panic from northeastern Ukraine which was Moscow’s main bastion.

Russian forces have now been “defeated” in the Kharkiv region and literally thousands of Putin’s troops are “fleeing” key cities after Ukrainian soldiers have hit them very hard with surprise advances.

Michael McFaul, a former US ambassador to Russia, tweeted, “I’m sure the blame game — кто виноват [who is guily] — for Russia’s failed invasion of Ukraine has already begun behind closed doors.

“I wonder when it will become public.

“I would not want to be a senior official in the Russian military, intelligence, or military industrial complex right now.”

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) said in their latest bulletin, that the Russian army is in total disarray.

ISW wrote, “The Ukrainian counteroffensive in Kharkiv Oblast is routing Russian forces and collapsing Russia’s northern Donbas axis.

“Russian forces are not conducting a controlled withdrawal and are hurriedly fleeing southeastern Kharkiv Oblast to escape encirclement around Izyum.”

Reporting on the failing Russian Army, Оleksiy Arestovych, a senior adviser to President Zelensky told journalists, “We found a weak point and hit there, they were not ready.

“Two or three such defeats, and they will crumble. They already have one.”

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