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UK ‘are accelerating support to Ukraine’ with ‘next generation military technology that will help win this war’

12th Jan 23 4:48 pm

The UK are “accelerating” support to Ukraine with the next generation military technology and could provide Challenger 2 main battle tanks which will offer “a game-changing capability.”

The Prime Minister has asked the Defence Secretary Ben Wallace to work “with partners” to determine how the UK can go “further and faster” to support Ukraine with tanks.

The UK could be poised to provide a squadron of Challenger 2 tanks and the armour can withstand a direct hit from a Russian tank, which also has the longest range in Europe.

By sending the British Challenger 2 tanks this will break the deadlock as currently the ratios between both Moscow and Kyiv are “too finely balanced.”

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The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said, “We are accelerating our support to Ukraine with the kind of next generation military technology that will help win this war.

“It’s clear that battle tanks could provide a game-changing capability to the Ukrainians.

“The Prime Minister told President Zelensky last week the UK will provide whatever we can.

“The Prime Minister has asked the Defence Secretary to work with partners in the coming weeks to discuss how we can go even further and faster on our support to Ukraine including the provision of tanks.”

France will send AMX-10 RC “light tanks” the US will send 50 Bradley tanks which are known as “tank killers” and Germany has said they will send 40 Marder IFVs.

Poland has confirmed an “international coalition” and could send a company of Leopard 2 tanks, but Berlin must provide consent as they hold the licence exports.

However, Berlin have concerns that by sending the Leopard 2 tanks this could escalate the war.

Polish President Andrzej Duda said,”Recently, we really decided to transfer such support [tanks] to Ukraine from Poland.

“A company of Leopard tanks will be provided within the framework of the coalition,”

Duda added, “You know that it is necessary to obtain certain official agreements and consents.

“But first we need to create an international coalition. And we have decided to form this international coalition.”

Western officials said, “The Ukrainians won’t be unable to win back significant amounts of territory without changes to their force posture from last year.

“The force ratios between the Russians and the Ukrainians are too finely balanced,” the official said.

“Something needs to break that deadlock, especially if they (Ukraine) are to win territory back and go on the offensive. Main battle tanks and APCs (armoured personnel carriers) are part of that mix.

“I think the Ukrainians would look to all partners who might provide tanks won’t be particularly worried about where they come from just so long as they come in sufficient volume.”

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