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Two regions inside Russia are under ‘active combat actions’ by anti-Kremlin forces

by LLB political Reporter
15th Mar 24 12:01 pm

Ukrainian military intelligence has said that there are now two areas which are “active” combat zones.

The Russian installed governor of Belgorod Oblast, Vyacheslav Gladkov has claimed there are no active attacks happening, despite numerous videos on social media showing otherwise.

On Thursday Gladkov had looked around the villages that anti-Kremlin forces have said there is fierce fighting taking place.

The governor said fighting is taking place outside Belgorod border and that the village of Kozinka has “suffered greatly, the destruction was very serious.”

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A spokesperson of Ukraine’s military intelligence (HUR), Andrii Yusov said that the Belgorod and Kursk regions are “now an area of active combat actions.”

He added, “As stated by the volunteers and rebels, we are talking about Russian citizens who, having no other options, are defending their civil right with arms against the (Russian President Vladimir) Putin regime.”

Ukrainian media outlet The New Voice of Ukraine reported, that the attacks on Russia by volunteer forces is “the biggest attack on Russian soil since the Second World War.”

The Freedom of Russia Legion and the Siberian Battalion who are anti-Kremlin fighters have launched “massive attacks” against “Putin’s forces” in Belgorod and Kursk Oblast regions.

On Thursday the Russian National Guard are claiming that they are repelling an attack by “sabotage groups” near to the village of Tyotkino in Kursk Oblast.

The volunteer forces are conducting combat operations inside the Russian Federation after crossing the border on 12 March.

Roman Starovoit, Kursk Oblast governor, has said that fighting is ongoing with “Ukrainian saboteurs.”

According to Ukrainian intelligence the anti-Kremlin groups are Russian citizens who are part of Ukraine’s “security and defence forces” who are aiming to “march on Moscow.”

The Freedom of Russia Legion, the Siberian Battalion, and the Russian Volunteer Corps are calling on civilians to “evacuate immediately” and are urging them to “stop following criminal orders” from the Kremlin regime.

They said in a statement, “The liberation of Russian regions from (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’s terrorist regime is underway these minutes. Massive strikes are now being launched against Putin’s forces in the Belgorod and Kursk oblasts.”

“The operation to liberate the Kursk and Belgorod regions will continue until all aims are achieved,” they added.

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