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Top tips for designing a modern office

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1st May 19 10:04 am

Are you looking to refurbish your office? We recently came across Furniture At Work who have created some floorplans of bosses offices from TV and film that you can use for inspiration. It can be challenging to know where to start.

You may have a specific look in mind. At times, the different styles and choices available may overwhelm you. Even when you’re looking to add or change a few details in your office, making the right decision can still be challenging.

Whether you’re refurbishing your office or starting from scratch, creating a functional, professional and comfortable space will increase productivity and project the right image to your clients.

According to studies, productivity and comfort are interrelated. Most experts agree that an office can benefit from changes in layout and organization. Consider some of these options to improve the comfort levels in your office and raise the productivity of your employees.

1. Create a comfortable environment

Work towards creating a healthy and comfortable working space. Choose the best Furniture At Work, accessories, and functional design to minimize distraction and discomfort to your employees.

Also, encourage your workers to customize their working space with items that allow them to work comfortably. Such include keyboard trays, task lighting, footrest, anti-glare screens, and adjusting their chairs to the best angle and height.

2. Use a mobile furniture

Mobile and adjustable furniture is an ideal option for a growing business with space limitation. As a business, you can reconfigure workstations, cubicles, and rearrange the office in a way that supports growth, separate equipment areas, and partition departments.

3. Improve your office layout

Take time to analyze where your employees sit and where they place their equipment. Use this to consider ways that raise the overall flow to the office.

For instance, place fax machines, printers, and any other shared equipment in an area that’s easy to access. Have working teams or departments in a single cubicle or a shared space.

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