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Top ten businesses to watch in 2023

by Sarah Dunsby
20th Jan 23 3:47 pm

2022 was another year that seemed to pass in the blink of an eye; a lot has happened, including in the business sphere. To celebrate the accomplishments of 2022 and look forward to the future, we are counting down its top 10 businesses heading into 2023. From savvy organisations delivering digital transformation to musical producers following entrepreneurial pursuits, this is a must-read list to keep ahead of the game in the business world.

The Winner!

The top company to watch in 2023 is Chip! 2022 proved to be an exciting year for CEO Simon Rabin after raising just above $60m as of March last year. This success is hardly surprising, considering Rabin is a tried and tested entrepreneur, proven by his previous start-up named ‘Roamer’. Chip was born into the Fintech universe, allowing individuals to save, invest and achieve their financial goals effortlessly. Chip’s future is to upgrade and revamp the prospects of its users. New membership plans and the removal of platform fees on ChipX are top of the list. Chip wants to grow wealth and help customers to become masters of their own finances.

2nd Place

Second, on our list of up-and-coming businesses is F28, founded by Fumez the Engineer, a music producer turned entrepreneur hailing from London. As of December 2022, Fumez leapt from the world of music into the world of business by launching his premium rum company. This music producer is no stranger to success; over the past few years, he has embarked on several collaborations with top musicians, fronted the popular YouTube series Plugged-in and taken part in volunteering work on his home turf of West London. F28 is a new notch on his belt, but a promising one, as proved by the launch party in Nottingham’s Sky Bar. With influence derived from Caribbean flavours, F28 Rum has an added contemporary twist, making it the beverage for a new generation of drinkers. Fumez and the F28 team have started sweet and straightforward with a Blanco Flavour, sure to be a cocktail favourite, and the Salted Caramel flavour, which is promised to be perfect for sipping! There is no time to relax though with a Pineapple variation launching in early 2023 and a potential kick-off party in London, making F28 one of the many businesses to keep an eye on this year.

3rd Place

From rum to revolutions, next, we have PurpleBeach! In 2023 they will focus on the Fifth Industrial Revolution and its impact on businesses looking to move the dial in a challenging economic and social climate. Founder Annemie Ress has always been visionary and has long understood the critical importance for businesses of balancing the relationship between technological advances and the human element of business. She sees this as the foundation stone upon which the success of any strategy depends. Embracing human creativity and instilling a higher sense of purpose within an organisation, in partnership with technological advancement, will ultimately drive businesses towards achieving sustainable, commercial and customer success. Annemie’s keen commercial acumen and passion for people means she can positively impact business transformation. She looks forward to another year of PurpleBeach being at the forefront of innovation.


Following is  Noon Dalton, co-founded by CEO Edward Dalton, which is an outsourcing company, that assists clients in forming, training, and managing remote teams to increase efficiency, minimise costs and alleviate pain points in their businesses. By implementing the firm’s guidance, companies see a visible uptake in efficiency, consistent KPI achievement and a 60% reduction in employee costs. For 2023, Edward and Noon Dalton have their sights set on growth. The primary goal is to drive market share and sales by investing more in marketing and business development. With strategic hires coming on board in 2023, Noon Dalton’s expansion continues, and their offering will broaden to match demand. By investing in its people and growing networks and functionality, Noon Dalton will continue to provide a well-rounded service to its clients.


Next, we have the London-based, innovative brand and talent agency 84 World. Headed by managing director Andrew Selby, the business is best described in his own words, “84 World is a dynamic, forward-thinking talent and brand management agency representing over 75 diverse talent. We strive to inspire our talent and help them build audiences through impactful content and innovative business ventures, nurturing them and their growing communities. We pride ourselves on providing enterprising talent management in the digital and traditional media spaces, transforming and building our talents’ careers by developing and managing their brand work and business endeavours, social strategies and media campaigns, from ideation through to execution. The brand management division, which harnesses our proficiency within the influencer marketing space, offers exceptional end-to-end digital marketing services. Our foundations as a talent management agency have given us a unique and intuitive skillset that helps us achieve successful and strong campaigns and ROIs. 2023 will see 84 World’s team vision to create, inspire and forge long-lasting ideas that are empowering, powerful and effective: connecting with talents, brands and businesses through a variety of media.”


Real estate is now due to make an appearance on the list with Daniel Hegarty’s, Habito. The mortgage provider and home-buying service app was born from Hegarty’s own experience with buying his first property and the confusion and stress that inevitably followed. Habito takes the turmoil away with its team of professional experts to assist home buyers on their journey. With its conception in 2014, it has gone from strength to strength, from gaining its FCA broker’s license in 2016 to launching Habito mortgages in 2019, to announcing Habito One, the UK’s only fixed-for-life mortgage. Such growth over a short period only builds excitement for Hegarty and Habito’s next move in 2023.


FinTech is having a moment, and of course, we have to mention Atoa, the financial app that allows merchants to accept cheaper and secure payments. Co-founder and CEO Narayanan has raised $2.2M in the pre-seed funding round, an impressive feat considering it was only launched in 2022. The Atoa app allows merchants to take payments via a QR code and deposit the money safely and quickly into a company account, allowing for a safer transaction with no bank cards. As Atoa is still in its infancy, it is likely that it will be concentrating its efforts on scaling up and is one to check up on in 2023.


Goodlord is another must on this list. CEO William Reeve’s latest venture, aims to fill in the much-needed gap in the rental market, simplifying the process for landlords, agencies and tenants. Goodlord is only the latest on his list of pursuits, and he has proved himself something of a serial entrepreneur. Additionally, he is a tactical investor, who has contributed to several start-ups that have become household names, such as Cult Beauty and Zoopla. As for Goodlords 2023 goals, it appears they are continuing the fight to revolutionise the renting market. As of December 2023, they penned an open letter to the government to change the private renting market for the better, and they are continuing to drum up movement and gain signatures.


There is yet another FinTech business to add to the list: Moneybox. This app is explained in the name: a digital money box where you can save your cash whilst it gains interest, with the additional benefit of investment prospects. 2023 will be yet another busy year for co-founders Ben Stanway and Charlie Mortimer, as they continue to help their customers save money and invest. Not only has the award-winning app been on a consistent upswing but begging the question of what the next move will be.


Artificial Intelligence is somewhat of a buzzword. It is painted as capable of achieving everything and anything. Not quite, but Siadhal Magos, co-founder and CEO at Metaview, has played a hand in creating this tech company to improve the hiring process through AI and revolutionising the interview process through analytics. With an admirable quota of investors and $7.6m raised, you know that this is another tech company to keep an eye on throughout the year.

2023 is a new year, and it will bring new challenges. However, there is no doubt in our minds that these businesses will rise above and overcome these challenges with innovative solutions that will be worth keeping an eye on, so stay tuned!

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