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Top 3 twitch streamers globally to earn over $5m in 2020

by LLB Finance Reporter
25th Nov 20 2:57 pm

The year 2020 seems to have been a good year for eSports if Twitch streaming channels and streamer earnings are anything to go by. There were 10.57 million unique Twitch streaming channels in Q3 2020. The number has risen remarkably over the past two years, going from only 3.67 million in Q1 2018.

According to the research data analyzed and published by Safe Betting Sites, there are more than 2 million streamers broadcasting on Twitch every month. The top earner, xQcOW is on track to earn $1.984 million in 2020.

80% of Streamers’ Revenue Comes From Subscriptions

NICKMERCS was rated second with an estimated $1.738 million in 2020 annual earnings, while Ibai was third with $1.374 million. Odablock was fourth with $1.299 million and TimTheTatman was fifth with $1.211 million.

In total, the top three streamers are on track to make $5.1 million while the top five will make $7.6 million.

Pokimane topped the list for female streamers with $550,600. Amouranth was second with $384,599 and lilypichu was third with $339,354.

Moreover, around 80% of all streamers’ earnings come from subscriptions. 16% comes from ads and 4% from donations. But for #4 Odablock, 14% of earnings come from donations. #6 AuronPlay earns 50% of his income from ads. For female streamers, 70% of revenue comes from subscriptions, 23% from ads and the rest from donations.

According to TwitchStats, top streamer xQcOW has 4.17 million Twitch followers as of November 25, 2020. He was ranked 19th by the number of followers while Ninja took the first spot with 16.28 million. His account was, however, temporarily suspended on November 18, 2020 for stream sniping.

On the list of the top 20 highest earners globally, North America had 14 streamers, and the rest came from Europe and South America. Notably, the US has the highest Twitch viewership, with a 24.32% share of the global market in October 2020 according to Statista.

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