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Three portable power station benefits to consider

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5th May 22 4:19 pm

It’s the middle of the night, and suddenly the lights go out. When this happens, it’s helpful to have a portable power station nearby. Otherwise, you may end up sitting in the dark until electricity is restored (which can take hours).

Portable power stations are a great way to keep the lights on wherever you go. They’re a lot like generators. However, unlike these tools, you can recharge the battery of a portable station. This means you’ll be able to recycle the energy used. In addition, this piece of equipment includes an abundance of features that allow you to allocate and manage power as needed.

Read on to learn three important benefits of having a portable power station.

1. You can take power with you

One of the major benefits of using portable power stations is their ability to take power on the go. The batteries are lightweight, requiring minimal effort to carry from place to place. Also, you’ll find they are very efficient at holding a charge. These gadgets are strong enough to power your house or your campsite. You’ll be happy you have one in the case of an emergency.

Further, these portable stations allow you to hold a major appliance’s charge for a full day without interruption. When it comes to camping or using energy when the power shuts down, these stations can help you get back up and running. This can allow you to set up a more efficient camper and power tools for several hours. You can also pick up stations with wheels for easy accessibility.

2. You’ll enjoy monitoring power and features

Holding a charge is what power stations are known for, but they also include many special features. This equipment gives electricity to AC, DC, and USB-powered items. Some manufacturers include carport outlets with 12-volt and 10-volt attachments.

These unique monitoring features include interfaces that allow you to track the input and output of power. It can also, through Bluetooth and other options, connect to your phone. Once connected, you can monitor or change the features of the station in real-time.

The display port will continually give you input and output updates as well as battery charge percentages to help keep track of your charge level.

3. They offer many hours of use

The versatility of your portable station is paired with a strong battery capacity that offers many hours of use. When it comes to power stations, users will monitor the stored power in watt hours or Wh. A “Wh” pertains to one watt of electricity for one hour.

So, when measuring Wh, we measure by the hour. For instance, if you’re using a 40-watt or 40W light bulb for 2 hours, it will use 80-watt-hours or 80Wh of energy. If you’re shopping for power stations, you may want to keep the number of watts necessary in mind. Bigger stations are available that pack many hours of use, such as a 900Wh station.

Thus, if you’re planning an afternoon cook-out using many devices, it may exceed the average 450Wh, so look into bigger units. If you simply want one to keep your smartphone devices charged, a smaller unit will work.

Final thoughts

Portable power stations are an incredibly convenient option when it comes to portable energy. Whether you’re in a jam because the lights in your home went out or you just want to spice up your cookout, a portable power station is the right fit for you.

There is a wide array of options utilising various wattages on the market today. Before purchasing, make sure you select the right power capacity to suit your needs before you embark on your journey.

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