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Theresa May went ‘cap in hand’ for Cameron’s support over DUP deal

3rd Jul 17 3:50 pm

Here’s what was said

It has been revealed that the prime minister, Theresa May called former PM, David Cameron seeking his support for the DUP confidence and supply deal.

Despite the fact that May had “trashed” Cameron during the campaign, and has barley any communication with him the last year, she spoke to him the day before the agreement was done to ask for his backing, which caused much embarrassment.

Cameron then gave his support in a tweet that he posted on 26 June saying, “Task facing PM, given the circs, is to deliver the most stable govt possible – today’s DUP deal helps achieve that. All Cons should support.”

The Times reported, that despite Cameron had worked with May for over a decade, Cameron does not understand her, he said to friends.

A source close to Cameron said the Times May’s behaviour was “shameless” and that “there is simply bafflement.”

The source added: “Of course David was polite and grown up and delighted to help. 

“But doesn’t Theresa realise what this looks like? She trashed him in the campaign, has barely spoken to him since becoming prime minister and now has to go cap in hand for his support. It’s shameless.”

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