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‘The world must respond’ to Russia’s repeated war crimes as torture ‘dungeons were found’ which included ‘foreigners’

by LLB Politics Reporter
17th Sep 22 1:28 pm

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video message on Friday evening that Russia has repeated in Izium what they did in Bucha after mass graves were discovered.

The United Nations are to send an war crimes investigation team to Izium where hundreds upon hundreds of Ukrainians were brutally executed by Russian troops.

Torture dungeons were found in Izium were civilians met their horrific end which also included “foreigners,” the nationalities were Sri Lankan.

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President Zelensky said, “In Kharkiv region, investigations continue in areas liberated from Russian occupation.

“All the crimes of the rushists are being recorded, evidence of their guilt is being collected.

“Dungeons were found in which civilians of the occupied cities and towns were abused, premises in which people were kept – even foreigners.

“The world must respond to all this. Russia repeated in Izium what it did in Bucha. And now we have just begun to learn the full truth about what was happening in this part of Kharkiv region.”

Zelensky welcomed the forthcoming trip of the UN mission to Izium, he said, “It’s good that the UN structures are already preparing a group of workers who will visit this place near Izium, who will see and be able to tell everyone in the UN system about what the Russian terrorists were doing.”

President Zelensky has promised to “ensure full access for journalists to the liberated territory and all places of mockery of people, to give such access that will help inform the world that rushism must be condemned.”

He said the Russians had mocked and kept people, including foreigners, in enclosed spaces. “For example, citizens of the Republic of Sri Lanka, students of Kupiansk Medical College.

“Back in March, they were captured by Russian soldiers and kept in the basement. Only now, after liberation, these people were saved, they are provided with the necessary medical care.”

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