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The US suspends nuclear CFE Treaty after Russia withdraws from Cold War treaty

by LLB political Reporter
8th Nov 23 7:17 am

Russia has officially withdrawn from the NATO Cold War treaty which bans live nuclear testing and Moscow has tested a nuclear capable intercontinental ballistic missile from a submarine.

Tensions between Moscow and Washington are at the highest they have been since the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 when the world on the brink of a nuclear war with the Soviet Union.

Washington announced that they too will suspend the fulfilment of obligations under the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE Treaty) from 7 December.

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A statement issued by the White House said. “In light of this fundamental change of circumstances, the United States will suspend the operation of all CFE Treaty obligations between itself and every other State Party, effective December 7, consistent with our rights under international law.”

It adds, “a number of our CFE partners that are not members of NATO also support suspension of CFE Treaty obligations in response to Russia’s actions.”

On Monday evening Russia officially declared they have left the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE).
The Kremlin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that relations with the US are now “below zero.”

NATO in turn has also ripped up the treaty following Moscow’s decision, they said it will be suspended for “as long as necessary.”

In a statement NATO said, “Russia continues to demonstrate disregard for arms control, including key principles of reciprocity, transparency, compliance, verification, and host nation consent, and undermines the rules-based international order.”

NATO has said that for more than ten years Moscow has not respected the CFE, in 2007 Russia suspended participation from the Warsaw Pact.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said, “The CFE Treaty was concluded at the end of the Cold War, when the formation of a new architecture of global and European security based on cooperation seemed possible, and appropriate attempts were made.”

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