Home Business News ‘Putin’s actions pose a threat to Russia’s security’ and Moscow officials want him held for ‘high treason’

‘Putin’s actions pose a threat to Russia’s security’ and Moscow officials want him held for ‘high treason’

by LLB political Reporter
9th Sep 22 3:10 pm

Russian government officials want Vladimir Putin to be held for “high treason” over his “special military operation” in Ukraine.

A group of Russian government officials are trying oust Putin after tens of thousands of troops have been killed in action or wounded.

The Russian economic situation is dire and could take more than a decade to recover and government officials are now appealing directly to the State Duma (Parliament) and have publicly written he is accused of “high treason.”

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Nikita Yuferev, an official from the Council of the Smolninskoye Municipal District, said of the Russian President, “We have listed the reasons why we believe that this is high treason.”

The government official continued, “His decision to start the Special Military Operation led to 1) deaths of the Russian servicemen, 2) problems in the Russian economy, 3) the expansion of NATO (the border with NATO has doubled!”

Yuferev added, “Ukraine is militarizing and has received $38 billion (£33billion) worth of weapons to fight Russia.

“All these are the consequences of the decision to start the Special Military Operation.

“Putin’s actions pose a threat to Russia’s security.

“He should be fired!

“Adopted at a meeting of the Municipal Council of Smolninskoye.”

It is more likely that their demands will not be accepted in the Duma and 10 out 20 councillors who attended voted, seven for and three abstained.

Yuferev said, “It is very important to show that there are people who do not agree (with the war).

“We are in Russia, and there are quite a significant number of us.”

Far-right Russian nationalist blogger Igor Girkin said in a video address to his 430,000 followers on Telegram on Monday, “We have already lost, the rest is just a matter of time.”

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