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The role of access control in protecting your business

by Sarah Dunsby
17th Jan 23 1:04 pm

One-stop security services provider, Stonewall Security, highlighted the importance of access control in protecting businesses, and how access control systems can help to keep employees, visitors, and sensitive data secure.

What access-control systems do

Access control systems simplify the management process and control the security of a business by tracking and handling the credentials of people granted access. Credential entrance security is an essential part of keeping a secure environment for visitors, as well as for employees.

Access control systems are one of the best ways to protect your business, as they provide a comprehensive security system with the ability to keep better track of who enters your work place. One of the most appealing aspects of access control systems is that they require no prior security or technology background to be able to use them.

Access control systems protect access to business premises, IT rooms and even equipment racks, allowing only authorised personnel to access them. Access control systems are a fundamental component of any business organisation, as they provide a level of protection and security compliance programs that helps to protect confidential information and digital data from being accessed by those who do not have the authority to do so.

A holistic approach to access security

The ultimate aim of access control systems is to keep buildings, IT rooms and digital data secure by preventing unauthorised access.

Access control systems help managers to track employee access and determine building access systems. Implementing access control systems with user credentials significantly increases the security of a facility, allowing businesses to securely operate. This enables businesses to keep better track of who is accessing individual rooms, buildings and data centres, as well as enabling access to certain buildings or rooms at certain locations.

Electronic access control can be used for restricted business locations, such as data centres and IT networks, where only authorised personnel should have access. Furthermore, it provides in depth details on readers auditing, user activity and specific dates when people accessed certain areas or resources. This enables organisations to address a problem quickly by pinpointing exactly which users accessed certain areas or resources on specific dates.

Access control can help protect client data, prevent employee theft, and secure secret projects. To keep your security system up to date, dedicated security teams are needed to help implement the necessary security measures.

Stonewall Security

The Stonewall Security access control system deployed for your business’ specific needs provides a way to track and report who has accessed certain areas or resources and when. This can fall in with the bigger-picture security approach in helping to prevent corporate espionage or cyber attacks on your data as well (denying physical access to database infrastructure like server rooms, etc).

By putting access controls in place for high-risked items, you can limit access to certain times and places or even put it in your hands by having an individual enter the facility, one at a time. Depending on what type of areas you seek to protect, you will need to employ the appropriate type of access control system best suits those needs.

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