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Tech giant Google appeals against the €2.4bn EU fine

11th Sep 17 4:02 pm

According to reports

AFP has reported Monday, that Google has launched an appeal against the largest antitrust fine ever given by the European Commission regulator in June, costing a staggering €2.4bn (£2bn or $2.8bn).

The regulator issued the fine as they said Google abused their power as they had placed their own shopping comparison service at the top of the Google results page.

The European Union’s competition commissioner, Margrethe Vestager said, Google’s activity was “illegal under EU antitrust rules.”

A Google spokesman said at the time that they “respectfully disagreed” with the ruling.

The firm was given 90 days to stop the “anti-competitive” practices, which ends on 28 September, or they could face a five per cent fine, amounting to their average daily global earnings from their parent company, Alphabet.

The regulator further said that Google could be facing more fines should it continue with its practices, the tach giant has said it had no further comment.

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