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Spain death cases surge by 1,326 in 24 hours ‘worst is yet to come’

by LLB Reporter
21st Mar 20 12:24 pm

Spain has seen the number of deaths surge by 1,326 in just one single day, with a rise of 3,355 case in 24 hours, the health ministry said.

Spain is now the third highest country in the world behind Italy and China with 24,926 cases.

Spain like most of the world is in lockdown and Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez called the virus a “cruel” disease which paralyses the human need to socialise, he added the “worst is yet to come.”

Italy has 47,021 with 4,032 and China has 81,303 with 3,259 deaths. Germany has 19,848 with 70 deaths, whilst France has 12,632 confirmed cases and 11,570 deaths.

The Portuguese government are latest European country to declare a “state of emergency” as the country has 1,020 confirmed cases with three deaths and five people have recovered.

England had 39 more deaths now totalling 178 in England, the largest rise in 24 hours, with 4,014 confirmed coronavirus cases across the UK.

Doctors in Lombardy, Italy the hardest hit region have given a stark warning telling young people you can still die from coronavirus as “you are not invincible.”

Young people have the misconception that because they are young and perhaps somewhat fitter than most elderly, they are immune.

However, people with no underlying health conditions are dying who are in their 20s and upwards.

Dr Antonio Pesenti, the head of Lombardy’s intensive crisis care unit, said lots of younger people are infected and are being admitted to intensive care units.

Top Dr warns UK is “weeks behind Italy.” Dr Antonio Pasenti Head of Lombardy’s Intensive crisis care unit in Italy told Sky News on Friday, that “the UK is a matter of weeks behind Italy” and will most likely experience “what we are seeing.”

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