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Six designing tips to make your retail stores look more modern

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13th May 20 12:57 pm

Retails stores have been around for a very long time, but they have significantly changed over time. What used to be closed up spaces are now very open and inviting to give shoppers a better experience.

If you have been in the retail business for quite some time, then your store has probably gone through several makeovers over the years. Now, you can make your store layout even better to get more sales. From telling your brand’s story to arranging items on a shelf, every little detail is imperative for the overall design.

Since it is quite tricky, let’s take a quick trip to your store.

The entrance

Every person will look at the entrance of your store, and they will only walk in if the design attracts them. That is why most stores do everything they can to make the entrance look as appealing as possible.

Depending on where your store’s location and space, consider setting up the most attractive displays next to the entrance or putting up colourful signs. You should also consider looking at bifold doors to make the entry even better.

The threshold

Experts call the first five to fifteen feet of a store the decompression zone. This beginning space is the most essential part of your store, as any shopper that enters will decide in this space if they are going to stay or not. Since your shoppers will be transitioning from the outside world into your store, they might miss a few items that you have placed in that area.

You need to think very hard about the colour coordination, lighting, displays, and other things you put in this area. You should give them an incredible experience that makes them want to stay and take a look around.

Room to browse options

The worst thing you can do in your store is to create a clutter of objects and make it challenging for people to walk around. You need to use displays, racks, furniture, and as many other tools as possible to create enough room for multiple people to walk around comfortably without feeling suffocated.

Shoppers rarely come straight into a store, they either go left or right. Your job is to make sure all of your items get the maximum possible exposure, keeping the paths in mind. Most of the stores use a circular route to make the customers go through the entire store and come back to the main area.

Add a few speed breakers

You are probably going to spend a reasonable amount of time and money into designing the store and setting up products. That is why you want your shoppers to slowly walk and browse everything before making their way to the checkout or back out the door.

These so-called ‘speed bumps’ slow down customers and they can be anything that catches visual attention immediately. You can use unique displays between aisles or put up exclusive products in an open space. These speed breakers should only have products that complement others nearby, not something that doesn’t fit in the place.

Make your shopper comfortable

The shoppers that come into your store might already be shopping around and be tired. That is why you might need to have a particular space with seats and comfy benches for them to rest.

But you also need to do some other things to make your shoppers more comfortable. People don’t like to enter an aisle where they won’t be able to comfortably walk by, and they might have to brush past someone else. Even if they want to get something in that particular aisle, they will avoid going into it altogether. That’s why you need to make sure there is enough space in every aisle.

The checkout

The final area of the store is the cash counter. The first thing you need to do is make sure it is located in a natural stopping point in the store to properly give the shoppers a pleasant experience. The second thing you should do is have enough counters that have a digital POS system to avoid making your shoppers wait in long lines.

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