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Should I contact a cerebral palsy lawyer?

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22nd Sep 20 1:18 pm

Cerebral palsy is a lifelong condition that can impair your child’s ability to find full employment as an adult. It can also burden your family with expensive medical bills. If your child is suffering from this condition and you believe it was caused by a medical mistake, you will want to contact a birth injury lawyer who can represent you and your child.

The compensation you could receive in a lawsuit can help pay for early interventions that will help your child to live the fullest possible life. It will also help you to get necessary equipment or to modify your home or vehicle.

Symptoms of cerebral palsy

While cerebral palsy isn’t fatal and typically does not become degenerative, it can leave your child with lifelong disabilities. This can lead to long-term health problems for your child, including the following:

Cerebral palsy often remains stable throughout a person’s life, but therapy, or a lack of it, can improve or worsen their condition. Corrective surgeries may be necessary to repair and rectify damage done to parts of the body, especially the spine.

What causes cerebral palsy?

Cerebral play is caused by a brain injury to your child that they suffer in the womb or possibly during birth. This damage is typically concentrated in parts of the brain that control your child’s motor abilities.

A specific cause hasn’t been discovered from cerebral palsy. Researchers increasingly believe that the condition arises when several causal pathways merge. This means that cerebral palsy occurs as the result of several processes made of chains of events rather than a specific, defined event.

Medical neglect

While there isn’t a single cause of cerebral palsy, medical neglect can lead to conditions that are associated with the disease or exacerbate them. Neonatal asphyxia is one form of medical neglect that is commonly associated with cerebral palsy.

If you suspect that neglect on the part of your care providers is involved with your child’s cerebral palsy, it’s important to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. You can visit this link to learn more. Cerebral palsy attorneys are doing their best to offer support to affected families because they see the struggles their clients face.

Can I afford a cerebral palsy lawyer?

Many parents with children who have cerebral palsy will face enormous medical expenses. If this happens, you may be hesitant to add another by contacting a lawyer. However, most qualified birth injury lawyers who handle cerebral palsy cases take the case on contingency. This means that you won’t pay for anything related to the case unless your lawyer wins in court or obtains a settlement for you. The expenses associated with the case are then deducted from the sum you were awarded.

What can a cerebral palsy lawyer do for me?

A lawyer who focuses on cerebral palsy cases can help you identify if your case has merit and if you should move forward with it. They can help you build your case by gathering evidence. They’ll also have past experience in arguing similar cases, so they’ll know what types of challenges your case may face as it is argued. They can also take care of the expenses of your case and defer your payment of them until you have won, or absorb the costs of the case if you lose.

If your child is suffering from cerebral palsy, acting quickly to secure legal representation can make the difference between obtaining a settlement and having to shoulder the financial burden of their condition yourself. There are lawyers who specialise in this type of case and who have the expertise to guide you through the complex process that lies ahead. Don’t hesitate to reach out to an attorney for more information.

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