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Scopello, Sicily: A hidden gem on Northwestern Sicilian coast

by Sarah Dunsby
7th Mar 24 8:54 am

Are you dreaming of a place where the deep blue of the Mediterranean meets rugged cliffs, ancient traditions, and picturesque landscapes? Then Scopello is the place you are looking for.

This Italian coastal village in northwestern Sicily is a unique retreat to immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of the Mediterranean.

Scopello in Sicily: Beaches and history

Scopello is a fraction of Castellammare del Golfo in the province of Trapani, a great city in northwestern Sicily, Italy. It has a few hundred inhabitants in winter and becomes lively in summer, as often happens in the most attractive Italian seaside locations for Italians and international tourists.

Scopello is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty and historical sites. The history of this area of ​​Sicily is very ancient, which means there is so much to discover here, both in nature and local culture.

It is no coincidence that the village has captured the attention of television and cinema operators. Some of its most iconic places have appeared in a famous Italian TV series, Il Commissario Montalbano, and in the film Ocean’s Twelve.

Now, let’s discover what to do in Scopello.

The Tonnara

The coast near Scopello has secluded coves, hidden beaches, and towering sea stacks that rise majestically from the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

The ancient Tonnara is the most representative place of the village. It’s a former tuna fishery, a fascinating historical site that tells the story of the region’s long-standing relationship with the sea.

Here, you can enjoy the sea, where the bay is protected from the winds. And spend some time discovering the site’s history. The Tonnara is an open-air museum: you can visit the museum and discover more about the traditional tuna fishing and the history of this place, which dates back to the 13th century. Book your ticket here.

Faraglioni Bay

You can easily access one of the most famous beaches in Scopello, the Faraglioni Bay, with the Tonnara ticket. You will be speechless when you can admire the dazzling sea colour!

Here, nature is uncontaminated, but by giving it due respect, you can admire its richness of flora and fauna while also carrying out enjoyable activities such as snorkelling and diving. It is a beautiful but small beach, so we advise you to go there early in the morning.

Baglio of Scopello

The Baglio of Scopello is the true heart of the medieval village. It is located on a low hill and today preserves the paved streets and a construction of Arab origin, the quadrilateral courtyard.

We do not doubt that it is a suggestive place where life flows in tranquillity, and you can perceive scents that smell of ancient times. Walking around the Baglio of Scopello is an authentic experience of past Sicilian life.

Around Scopello

There are plenty of activities to do in and around Scopello.

The nearby Castellammare del Golfo is perfect for a day trip. It is only 11 and a half kilometres away and will take about 20 minutes by car.

The city offers the possibility of visiting historical sites, such as the Arab-Norman castle and the Mother Church, but also little-known but suggestive naturalistic pearls, such as the Abisso dei Cocci on Mount Inici.

From Scopello, you can also access the Zingaro Nature Reserve. If you are a nature enthusiast, you will love it! It’s Sicily’s first nature reserve, which boasts pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a diversity of flora and fauna.

You can dedicate an entire day to this naturalistic site: you won’t be bored. It includes several beaches and caves. If you prefer walking, you can follow trekking paths, visit one of its five museums, or have a quiet picnic. The reserve is open every day from 8 am to 4 pm.

Finally, we suggest you take advantage of Guidaloca Beach. Close to Scopello, it is a beautiful light pebble beach. It suits everyone because the sea is always calm and has a bar and parking. Enjoy the Mediterranean sun!

What to eat in Scopello

Sicily is one of the regions of Italy that is impossible to leave without a gastronomic experience. And we assure you that the dining experience will be pleasant and unforgettable!

The Sicilian tradition is very rich, but when you stay in Scopello, you will have at least two dishes to taste: the pane cunzato and the cassatelle.

The pane cunzato is an example of Sicilian street food, made of homemade bread cooked in a wood oven and stuffed with tomato, local cheese, anchovies and olive oil. This is the essence of Mediterranean cuisine!

The cassatelle of Castellammare del Golfo are fried desserts with ricotta cheese sprinkled with icing sugar. They are born as Carnival and Easter desserts, but you can eat them all year round.

But here you can also taste fish-based dishes and some typical preparations of the north-west coast: pesto and Trapani-style couscous.

How to get to Scopello

You can get to Scopello by plane from the nearest cities in Sicily, Trapani and Palermo.

If you arrive in Sicily at these airports, renting a car and leaving for Scopello is ideal. The village is 1 hour and 11 minutes by car from Palermo and 45 minutes from Trapani.

This way, you can also admire the Sicilian landscape!

Once in Scopello, the village’s compact size makes it perfect for exploring on foot, allowing you to meander through its narrow streets and discover its beauty leisurely.

If you have read this far, you now know that thanks to the synergy of culture, nature and tradition, your holidays in Scopello will be unforgettable.

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