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Russian Black Sea fleet ‘gradually fleeing from Crimea’ for a new base in ‘occupied Georgia’

by LLB political Reporter
24th Oct 23 2:57 pm

President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Tuesday that the Russian Black Sea fleet are “gradually fleeing from Crimea” which is a historic achievement.

Vladimir Putin has signed a deal to have the Black Sea Fleet permanently stationed on the coast of Abkhazia which was captured during the Russian war in Georgia.

Moscow tabloid, Izvestia was told by Aslan Bzhania, leader of the region, that Putin will soon have a Naval base of “permanent point of deployment.”

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Bzhania, the Russian installed president of Abkhazia, said the agreement had been made for a Russian Naval base in the Ochamchira region.

Speaking via video link at the parliamentary summit of the Crimea Platform, Zelensky said, “This is a historic achievement. Recently, the Russian leader was forced to announce the creation of a new Black Sea Fleet base on the occupied territory of Georgia.

“But we will get them everywhere.”

He added, “Ukraine was able to return the Black Sea to the role of a security artery on which global food stability depends.

“First, together with the UN and Turkey, we were able to launch the Black Sea Grain Initiative, then we added the humanitarian initiative Grain from Ukraine, and launched new temporary export routes from our seaports.”

The Express reported that Bzhania said, “We have signed an agreement, and in the near future there will be a permanent base of the Russian Navy in the Ochamchira district.

“This is all aimed at increasing the level of defence capability of both Russia and Abkhazia, and this kind of interaction will continue.

“There are also things I can’t talk about.”

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