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Russians are being ‘turned into slaves’ with introduction of draft papers and ‘once the send button clicked you’re called up’

17th Apr 23 12:48 pm

Russian scholar Sergei Medvedev has warned that the Russian population are being “turned into slaves” after Moscow has introduced electronic draft papers.

Last year Moscow announced a partial mobilisation which saw thousands of reservists being sent to war and many were killed in action and thousands fled the conscription and fled to neighbouring countries.

In and attempt to prevent Russian men from dodging conscription the Russian government have introduced an electronic drafting system which is impossible to escape.

A Russian military expert described the drafting system as “once the send button has been clicked” then you “have been called up” and your name is in the system and the authorities can be sent to your home to arrest you.

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In a video clip shared by Anton Gerashchenkoan adviser to Ukraine’s ministry of internal affairs, Medvedev said Russia are now seeing the “third edition of serfdom.”

During medieval Europe serfdom then was defined that a tenant farmer was legal bound to a “hereditary plot” of land to the will of his landlord, in this case Putin and the land they must occupy is the land Moscow wants to capture.

One of Russia’s most popular opposition bloggers StalinGulag wrote on social media, “Now, with just one click, it is possible to send almost everyone to the trenches.”

He then warned the Kremlin will disregard those who should be disqualified for service due to health conditions of family circumstances.

He added, “You will be talking about your flat feet or three children including children with disabilities somewhere near Bakhmut,” in eastern Ukraine.

Medvedev said serfdom was first formalised in 1649, then the second serfdom was brought into place under Soviet rule which attached their citizens to cities.

Medvedev added, “Finally on 11 April 2023, the State Duma introduced serfdom in Russia for the third time, attaching men aged 18-55 to military registration and enlistment offices with electronic subpoenas, a military registration register and a ban on leaving Russia upon receipt of a subpoena.

“Like four centuries ago, the population of Russia is turning into slaves.”

Russian men who have been called up via the electronic system will not be allowed to leave Russia, work for an employer, register their property and will not be allowed to take out loans.

Draftees must by law report to their nearest enlistment office which 20 days of their call up papers being posted online, which can present problems because many who will be called up live in remote areas whereby electricity can be an issue let alone having the money for WiFi or being able to afford a laptop.

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