Home Business News Moscow was secretly armed by Beijing and China would use ‘significant’ force in Ukraine if NATO weapons were used in Russia

Moscow was secretly armed by Beijing and China would use ‘significant’ force in Ukraine if NATO weapons were used in Russia

by LLB political Reporter
14th Apr 23 5:37 pm

Highly classified leaked documents show that China secretly supplied Russia with weapons during the ongoing war in Ukraine.

China hid their tracks to make sure no one found out that they had been supplying weapons to Russia according to an intelligence summary which was dated 23 February, which risks damaging relations further between Washington and Beijing.

In another tranche of leaked files, it was documented that should Kyiv use US or NATO weapons be against the Russian mainland then China could make a “significant” strike against Ukraine which would immediately escalate the war globally.

US agents collected the data which was later turned into intelligence as they monitored meeting between Moscow’s secret service agents along with the weapon shipments which were supposed to remain Top Secret amongst Washington officials.

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Annalena Baerbock – Germany’s Foreign Minister said that no other country has “more influence on Russia” than China.

Last month Vladimir Putin asked the Chinese premier Xi Jingping for “lethal weapons” during his three day stay in Moscow.

The US said that China has been “anything but any but an honest broker” in their handling over the geopolitical situation in dealing with Russia and the war in Ukraine.

At a press briefing published by the US department of state, Price said, “The PRC [People’s Republic of China] has told the world that, essentially, it is not taking a position, but rather it has tried to portray itself as an honest broker. In word and in deed, however, the PRC has been anything but an honest broker.

“Leaving aside the question of lethal assistance – which we don’t believe the PRC has provided yet, but we do believe it is considering – leaving that aside, the PRC has already provided important forms of assistance to Russia, including in the context of its aggression against Ukraine.

“It’s provided Russia with diplomatic support, with political support, with economic support, with rhetorical support, including by parroting Russia’s dangerous propaganda, dangerous lies, and disinformation on the world stage.”

Political scientist Ian Bremmer, who said that should Beijing supply weapons to Moscow then this “could be a complete game changer, both for the war in Ukraine and for relations between China and the West.!

Writing for the GZERO website Bremmer said, “If Beijing followed through, it would put China in a much more directly adversarial position not just with the US but with NATO.

“It would accelerate decoupling with the West. It would bring the US and Europe closer together against Beijing.”

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