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Tory MP advocates for the SAS to go in and ‘assassinate’ Putin ‘with sniper rifles’

by LLB political Reporter
17th Nov 22 11:27 am

Tory MP Ben Bradley has advocated for the SAS to go in and assassinate Vladimir Putin and was then challenged by radio host Ian Dale.

Bradley said the SAS should go “in with sniper rifles” and “I’m all for” that, but Dale said as he is member of Parliament he should not be advocating such actions, but the Tory MP said things would be very different if Putin was not in power.

Bradley told Dale, “Aside from sending the SAS in with sniper rifles which I’m all for… I think if we probably had done that.”

Dale added, “International law…”

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Bradley said, “Yeah, but sometimes, you know, I’m not in Government so I can say things like that.

“No, but there are discussing the… Processes aren’t they, I feel like, and that’s only from what I read on the conscious hour, whatever media outlet has its own biases in whatever direction.

“The same as international media does, but it feels to me like there is growing pressure on Putin domestically.

“At whatever point he is no longer in that position and we’re able to get access to him, I hope he will be hauled through the international courts in the same way as any other global leader would be.

“The challenge of course, aside from the SAS option, which I repeat that I am all for in the current context…”

Dale asked, “How do you get hold of him? Isn’t this a sort of heart-ruling head thing… Where I mean, look, we can all agree if Putin wasn’t there things might return to normal.

“But you can’t as a member of Parliament advocate the assassination of another head of state.”

Bradley said, “Look, I think the reality of the situation regardless of rhetoric around it is we can’t get hold of him can we, he doesn’t come out of his building.

“So it’s almost an irrelevant conversation…”

Dale said, “I sense a certain rowing back coming up.”

Bradley said, “No look, clearly you just said if he wasn’t there the situation would be different, I think most of the international community would quite like to just wake up tomorrow and somebody might have done that, call that advocacy or not.”

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