Home Business News Russia preparing for ‘serious catastrophe on own soil’ at a ‘hydroelectric or nuclear plant’ to justify Ukraine retreat

Russia preparing for ‘serious catastrophe on own soil’ at a ‘hydroelectric or nuclear plant’ to justify Ukraine retreat

by LLB political Reporter
2nd May 23 1:41 pm

The Kremlin are preparing for a “catastrophe” on their “own soil” which could potentially see a “hydroelectric plant” or a “nuclear power plant.”

Ukraine’s Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov has said that Moscow are looking how to “play off” Ukrainian forces success in killing fields, which Russia are expecting.

Reznikov spoke with Interfax Ukraine and said that Russia could voice a “goodwill gesture” under the guise of a of a deliberate disaster inside the Russian Federation.

The Ukrainian Defence Minister said, “If you already observe a number of public statements on Russian resources, you can see that phrases are already being heard, saying: ‘We must probably end the Special military operation.’

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“’we must go on the defensive,’ ‘we have to keep our’ newly gained ‘territories.’

“In the event of another success of the Ukrainian army, which is absolutely expected for them, they need to understand how to ‘sell’ inside, how to serve it to the people?

“They also had overheated expectations: Kyiv in three days and the so-called three weeks. Although propaganda in Russia works fine, it gets more and more difficult every time.”

Reznikov firmly believes the Kremlin are looking into different man made scenarios as to how they can explain to Russian citizens “why they are ending active hostilities in Ukraine.”

He explained, “This is not my forecast, but a reflection, but still I would not be surprised if they have some problem in the scenario, a serious catastrophic type, man-made, on the territory of Russia.

“Let’s say something happens to a power plant, hydroelectric power plant, nuclear power plant, there will be risks for the population, and this will require the immediate attention of the government, the accumulation of resources, including soldiers.

“And so they supposedly will be able to explain to people why they are ending active hostilities in Ukraine.

“That is, they will have to voice a ‘goodwill gesture’ under the guise of some kind of man-made disaster on the territory of Russia.”

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