Home Business News Royal Navy sent to North Sea amid fears Russia could target UK and EU gas fields after ‘unauthorised drone activity’ seen

Royal Navy sent to North Sea amid fears Russia could target UK and EU gas fields after ‘unauthorised drone activity’ seen

4th Oct 22 3:30 pm

Following the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines being blown up by Russia there are now growing fears Moscow could next be trying to target an oil and gas field in the North Sea after TotalEnergies reported seeing “unauthorised drone activity.”

TotalEnergies which is a French energy company reported seeing “drone activity” at their “Halfdan B” oil and gas field over the weekend and drones have also been seen in Denmark’s Roar Field.

The Royal Navy has sent a frigate to patrol the North Sea with along with Denmark after they raised their emergency preparedness level for their energy networks.

The Halfdan hub which includes Halfdan and Halfdan North East are Denmark’s largest producing oil and gas fields.

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“There have been observations of unauthorized drone activity at the Halfdan B oil and gas field in the North Sea,” a spokesperson said.

If Russia targetted Norway’s gas pipelines as they did with Nord Stream that would this would deliver a huge blow for energy in the UK as the Norwegian pipelines and cables come to the UK.

Norway has also reported seeing unidentified drones near to their offshore installations off the coast, the Norwegian energy-security agency confirmed.

John Baldwin from CNG Services told Express.co.uk that Putin could have already laid the groundwork for sabotage which would affect the UK.

He said, “The worry is obviously that he could have put similar mines around the Norwegian gas pipelines that come to the UK and the UK pipelines and cables.

“That’s almost like the message isn’t it, ‘I’ve mined my own pipes in international waters, but I might as well have mined your pipes and you’ll never find those mines.

“If you keep helping Ukraine one day they might go and you won’t have any gas at all.”

Norway’s Petroleumstilsynet said in a letter on Friday, 23 September, “Operator companies on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) have recently given warnings/notifications of a number of observations concerning unidentified drones/aircraft close to offshore installations.”

Norway’s Ministry of Defence told Upstream, that Norwegian Armed Forces are working with NATO allies and are developing “a coordinated” response to secure European critical energy infrastructure on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).

The British Ministry of Defence said on Twitter, “A Royal Navy frigate is in the North Sea, working with the Norwegian Navy to reassure those working near the gas pipelines.”

The British government are set to acquire “two specialist ships” to patrol and protect the critical undersea cables which will be operational by next year.

The British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said, “The first multi-role survey ship for seabed warfare will be purchased by the end of this year, fitted out here in the UK and then operational before the end of next year.”

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