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Regranding: Admirals’ way to view their future as a business

by John Saunders
20th Jan 22 9:21 am

The Forex market is the deepest and the most liquid in the sphere. On average, over $6 trillion of value changes hands, signifying the role of foreign exchange and its central role in keeping the global economy in motion. For players, this presents an opportunity. It explains why the Forex market provision scene is also very competitive. To adapt to the ever-changing dynamics and even better offer services to all its users, brokers and service providers constantly change, sometimes rebranding to communicate to their clients their new focus.

Admirals rebranding

After 20 years in operations, Admiral Markets has rebranded to Admirals. According to the trading portal, the transformation was only natural. It was their step towards becoming an integrated personal finance hub. Their recent 20th anniversary only marked the launch of their rebranding. The groundwork to make this rebranding work aligned with their laid-out plans had already been set. Already, Admirals continue to revolutionise trading and investing. For instance, in the last two decades, they have satisfactorily served millions of individuals, allowing them to structure and manage their investments in a secure, simplified, and safe environment.

In a press release, the trading provider said the rebranding also meant changing their logo name as they started a new chapter. This new chapter, the Chairman of the Management Board at Admirals said, would be to redefine how people approach personal finance:

“We set out to offer integrated solutions for investing, spending, and managing money. We are in the midst of a remarkable expansion. Trading will always be an important part of our identity as a company. However, we will continue to introduce a wider range of products and services which will make personal finance transparent and accessible.”

The reasons for rebranding

Specifically, with the rebranding, the team is looking to readjust their focus on their clients, changing their entire outlook. Notably, their overall objective will be to ensure the clients’ needs are served satisfactorily, meaning they won’t have to look outwards since they can access all their needs on a secure, simplified, and pair-dense trading portal. This consistency points to Admirals’ performance in the last two decades since launching operations in March 2001.

Going forward, Admirals will be looking to further build up their base. This means, even with millions of customers, posting strategies, and trading profitably in their portal, Admirals is looking to add more users. In this new chapter, their goal will be to add more traders from the Middle East and North Africa. This shift is critical and would give the trading provider an international look beyond their branding in Europe, where it is one of the primary FX trading players.

To realise their objectives, the shift to a shorter name would make it more appealing to social media followers who are now looking at trading, especially with the paralysing effects of the COVID-19 scourge. Usually, the shorter the brand name, the easier it sticks to users. Besides, it is social media where Admirals hope to tap into new clients. Social media as an on-boarding funnel only makes sense because millions of millennials across the globe use this medium to keep tabs with trending events and sometimes even on social trading.

Furthermore, in light of the cut-throat competition among FX service providers, Admirals is tapping on the excitement of rebranding and introducing impressive new features, cementing their lead. Most importantly, their clients would have access to new services than previously the case. For instance, clients would spend funds, invest, and even manage their accounts from an easy-to-use button, clickable by a button. Admirals still allow its clients to access over 8k markets. At the same time, Admirals is more dynamic, especially in adapting to new regulations in different countries as they brand themselves. All these features are set to serve its growing client base better.


The award-winning broker’s rebranding is only natural and a necessary step. Forex is increasingly being tapped as a means to supplement clients’ income. Providing safe and secure portals that are simplified to cater to clients’ needs makes sense. And this is what Admirals seek to deliver as they adapt to new regulations and serve a rapidly growing base.

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