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Refurbish or relocate? The best step forward for your London office

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23rd Aug 19 3:37 pm

The prospect of relocating your business is not a decision to be taken lightly. It’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a business owner, costing a lot of time, money and potential risk to your business. However, office refurbishment is no easier option – it comes with its own costs and can be quite disruptive when it comes to getting your work done.

As a London office, in a thriving business city, making this decision can feel even more challenging. Depending on your business needs, office refurbishment or relocation might be a necessity to taking your business forward. So, how do you decide to stay or go?

Should I relocate?

Moving offices can be a stressful process, so before you decide to pack your bags and go, there are some careful considerations to make. If your business has outgrown its original space, then relocating to a newer, bigger office is a good reason to move.

Likewise, being based in the capital makes business expansion a goal for many businesses. Moving to a new office location in London could see your business expand its current client base, as well as access new opportunities.

Things to consider before relocating

One of the main considerations before moving office is location. Your new office location needs to be accessible by employees as well as customers. Also, in London, you might benefit from locating to a certain borough. For example, Camden homes a lot of creative industries while there’s a high concentration of finance businesses in The City.

Once you’ve decided on the right location, you’ll then need to find a business property that is suitable for your business needs and within your budget. It’s important to keep in mind what your potential future needs might be, so think carefully when deciding on new premises.

Relocations come with legalities that can’t be ignored. One of the most important documents you sign will be your lease agreement – you don’t want to be trapped in a long lease that leaves no room for business growth.

Why should I refurbish instead of relocating?

Relocating offices can bring many benefits and for some businesses, it may be necessary. However, it isn’t always the only option. You might find that you’ve outgrown your existing office but don’t necessarily need to move. With an office refurbishment, you can transform your existing premises and make the most of your space.

If your business is already in a prime location, then office refurbishment might be the best option. Finding the right business property in London is difficult so you don’t want to give this up easily. It also means employee commutes aren’t disrupted.

Like relocating, office refurbishment requires a lot of consideration. Firstly, you need to decide what you want your new space to look like as well as what is needed to improve your office. You might even get your workforce involved in the design process to boost morale!

When planning out your office refurbishment, your design should reflect the needs of your organisation and provide a brand new look to your space that improves the efficiency of your business. You can also design the office of your dreams, unlike relocating, where you might have to pay refurbishment costs on top of moving!

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