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Rainbow riches: A guide to themed bingo games

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11th Apr 22 3:30 pm

If you’re a Slots enthusiast, then you’ve probably heard of Rainbow Riches. In 2008, the first Rainbow Riches slot machine was launched, and rose in popularity with its two screens and more ways to win than ever before. The game features Larry O’Leary the leprechaun and is set upon the backdrop of the Emerald Isle, to help channel the luck of the Irish into gameplay.

The game became so popular that it didn’t take long for more Irish-inspired games to hit the market, and when online casinos gained traction, the Rainbow Riches franchise saw new ways to expand.

Read on to find out more.

Rainbow riches bingo

If you opt to play Bingo online, then you might be lucky enough to dig up the pot-at-the-end-of-the-rainbow as the beloved Rainbow Riches franchise has not only dominated the Slots world, but you can now join Larry O’Leary for a spot of Bingo. That’s right, online casinos not only offer a variety of themed games, but you can travel to the Emerald Isle in the hopes of bagging some gold in more ways than you could’ve imagined!

How to play

To embark on this colourful Bingo adventure, you’ll need to purchase at least one ticket. Tickets are made up if two four leaf clovers, with each section of the clover’s leaves displaying a number. If you decide to purchase a strip, this will consist of five tickets.

The base game:

The game features a range of prizes; the 1 Clover prize and the House prize. The prize amount is determined by the number of tickets that have been purchased for the game, so the more tickets purchased, the bigger the prize pot will be!

The 1 Clover prize can be won when all four numbers on a single clover on one of your tickets has been called, and the House prize can be won when you have had all the numbered sections of the clover leaves called on your ticket.

Remember, two or more players can win and share the same prize during a game of Bingo, but you could also win a prize more than once during the game if you’ve purchased tickets from multiple strips.

The jackpot:

You’ll be pleased to know that this game also prides a fixed jackpot prize featuring Larry O’Leary, the famous leprechaun himself, as he moves along a rainbow at the end of the game. The distance he moves depends on the number of Rainbow Clovers that have been drawn during the game. Up to two Rainbow Clovers could be drawn per game, meaning Larry O’Leary can move a maximum of two spaces.

Along the rainbow, there’s a total of 50 steps, with certain prize pots at the 10th, 25th and 50th steps. If the leprechaun lands on or steps over a prize pot, you’ll win a share of the gold, depending on how many tickets you purchased.

That’s not all, there’s a Wishing Well collection prize feature that can award you with a prize of bonus funds when you collect a total of 40 coins. To activate this feature, you’ll have to have purchased at least five tickets for the game. In doing this, you’ll get to choose a magic number. If your magic number is called at any point during the game, you’ll get a gold coin added to your total.

So, will you bag some gold from the pot-at-the-end-of-the-rainbow? Find out today if the luck of the Irish is on your side in the Rainbow Riches Bingo Room!


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