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Questions to ask yourself before opting for an essay writing service

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4th Feb 21 3:59 pm

Students cannot help but choose an essay writing service for themselves as they have a lot on their plate. Hustling is a great thing to build your personality. However, it is essential to give yourself a break. An online writing service is helpful for users, but you need to consider many facts before choosing one. Many writing services online are not authentic and certainly do not provide value to their client. You do not want to associate with such services. However, the real deal is identifying such services and steering clear of them. We have a few tips that can help you get high-quality Custom Essays. We have a few tips that can help you get high-quality Custom Essays. Before you opt for any online writing service, you must ask yourself the following questions: 

Is the service too affordable

A student has to consider their budget before they do anything. It is an understandable fact that a student does not have tons of money to spare. We tend to opt for cheaper services as they seem convenient. However, an affordable service may not provide you with the quality you are looking for. But, going the other extreme direction and hiring the most expensive service is no solution either. Hence, it is crucial to find a middle ground and choose neither too expensive nor too cheap. 

Does the service fit well with my needs

Some services are experts in writing undergraduate assignments, and they are known for the value they provide them. As a postgraduate, you cannot expect them to provide you with the same quality work. The service that writes law assignments well may not write medical assignments that well. Sometimes, an online service may try to validate you. However, a person must be 100% sure before trusting a service with their assignments.  Always opt for professional writers who know what they are doing and follow the pattern precisely. 

An easy way of finding the right service is to look around their website and past work before you start a conversation, and then ask them about their field of expertise. If they outright lie to you (something a lot of low-quality services do) and say that they are experts in everything or something like that, it is an instant red flag, and you should never hire such service under any circumstances.

How often do they reply

People have had disastrous experiences where they pay a full amount and do not get quality work. The services ignore their messages right away, and they are unable to get any refund. Anybody can fall victim to such services. Hence, it is crucial to send a service a query and look at how fast they respond. You can also politely ask them to show you their samples. If the service replies to you faster and answers all your queries, then it is a bonus. However, a person should be 100% satisfied to trust a service. 

A service that holds its 24/7 customer support in high regard is often good to work with. But you should always be careful before making any commitment. Also, a service might claim to have great support, but in reality, they might not even look at the message you send. So, to avoid such scummy liars, you should search up the company’s name on the general web and look up user reviews on third party forums and rating sites.

How many revisions a writing service offers

You may trust a service 100% and know about what they do and offer. However, it is essential to know how many revisions they offer. Sometimes, there can be big or minor mistakes you want to get fixed. You cannot rectify mistakes when you are paying a writing service a handsome amount. Before placing an order, a person must ask about the number of revisions a service offers. Sometimes, services ask for clients to pay extra for revisions. There is no need to pay extra money if the service misunderstands the instructions. It is essential to make sure all policies are clear to avoid future inconveniences. 

Does the service provide a plagiarism report 

Plagiarism is a crucial thing when it comes to a student’s academic performance. Often, students get expelled from a college if they copy from any student or an online source. Hence, a student must check the uniqueness of their essay thoroughly. An essay writing service must pay attention to plagiarism at all costs. A professional writing service always uses genuine plagiarism checkers to ensure the uniqueness of the paper. If a service provides the report along with the assignment, then you must opt for it.

Does the service work locally or outsource everything

Another thing to check for is the work structure and process of a company. This is one of the most important things to consider before making a final decision. There are many companies that work locally and many that outsource their work, but the issue is not with services that are honest about it. The issue arises when a service claims to have native writers/researchers, and they charge the premium for it. While in reality, they outsource all of their work to low-cost countries like India.

This is not to say that non-native writers are not good or don’t know how to write a good essay. Far from it, actually. But it is very much dependent on the subject, a math assignment can be easily outsourced without any real concerns, but a law essay that requires knowledge of local legislation and laws is something that should never be outsourced.


There are a lot of genuine services available out there that are there to help students in need and take care of their boring, time-consuming, and tedious writing tasks for them. The right service proves to be valuable for a student academically and benefits in the long-run. So, just do a bit of research before finding the service provider that is honest, charges a fair amount, and fits perfectly in your requirements.

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